Voltage Inc. to Release In Your Arms Tonight 2 in Love 365

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Yesterday, Voltage Inc. made the above post on their Facebook page hinting at a new title to be released. Keen-eyed fans will notice that the design is the same one used for the JP-only released sequel to In Your Arms Tonight, 今夜アナタと眠りたいシーズン2. My source has confirmed that In Your Arms Tonight 2 is set to be the next title released in Love 365.

The man I used to love changed my life.

You’re a newlywed who gets a chance at your dream job.

But… your husband doesn’t understand.

All of a sudden…

“Don’t give up on your dreams. I’m here if you need me.”

I saw the man I loved once again. His eyes haven’t changed at all.

The obtainable cast include:

  • Ashida Takeru (29), Photographer, freewheeling alpha male, your old college friend
  • Ogiwara Shinichiro (37), Psychology professor, calm and gentle, your old college professor
  • Mishima Shu (27), Lawyer, cool and distant, your first love
  • Nishi Fumitaka (35), Editor at a publishing house, twisted personality, your editor
  • Seto Kazuya (32), Works at a trading company, perfectionist, your loving husband
  • Sakura Ryosuke (35), Freelance writer, worldly and perverse, the topic of your article

Each one has a secret. Who has come back into your life?

A few years ago, 今夜アナタと眠りたいシーズン2 was initially met with backlash by English players due to playing a reverse of the first game: while the husband in In Your Arms Tonight cheats on the heroine, the heroine in this game cheats on her husband. For the same reason, as I have been told, the title was not well received by most Japanese players either. Though I can’t verify how far the story went on the original platform, the app version of the title only goes as far as the Main Story, Epilogue, and His PoV.

Though the title has yet to be added to Love 365’s in-app Schedule, the Facebook post says it will released “in just a week”.

Happy playing(?)

July 5, 2018
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