Voltage Inc. JAPAN to Release 悪魔と恋する10日間 Heaven’s Kiss in January

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-Your body and soul… Give it all to us-

What appeared suddenly in front of you one day… are devils who have come to take your soul!?

You only have 10 days left.

While being monitered by the devils 24 hours a day, love gradually sprouts…

“Are these feelings love?”

The devils who learn about pure love for the first time.

But by regulation, the devil who helps a human will disappear…

Sweet and painful, the ending of a dangerous love is…!?

You have 10 days left to live.

The best and last love starts now!

-I’ll teach you how to love a devil.

A source had a feeling about this, and lo and behold!

Following the steps of 恋人は専属SP Love Mission and 王子様のプロポーズ Love Tiara, Voltage Inc. JAPAN is going to release 悪魔と恋する10日間 Heaven’s Kiss, which will be a social version of 悪魔と恋する10日間 (Eng. title: 10 Days with My Devil). Like with the previously mentioned games, Heaven’s Kiss will be partially voiced. Not only that, but it will also feature Live2D, the same feature used to animate characters in 恋cafe (Eng. title: Sweet Cafe). Early registration is open for iOS users with Android coming soon. I still don’t have much information, so I’ll update this post once I do.

Since this will be a social version, we might be safe to assume that the story will be different from the original, as Voltage Inc.’s past social games have been. It will be free to play and is set to release at the end of January.

It seems there will only be three characters available at the time of release:

Kamui Kakeru (CV: Ono Yuki)
Kamagari Satoru (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)
Kurobane Shiki (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

Woah. Woah. That cast wow. I have to admit, though, that’s a pretty surprising cast. I haven’t played 10 Days with My Devil at all, so I can’t say how I’d imagined their voices to be, but this is definitely a surprise for me. I’m really interested to see how it plays out with them. And Live2D! I don’t know if that will last throughout the whole game or if it’s only for certain parts, but I’m excited to see how it goes! The art is also a bit different. It reminds me of ダーリンは芸能人 Love Duet.

I’m still on the lookout to see if there’s any sign of the next game for us to get in PARTY, so I’ll add this one to the list!

December 31, 2014
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