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I’m still trying to get used to Thresh, the new champion on League of Legends. To sum it up: he is extremely fun! His abilities are so interesting, especially his passive, where you have to collect souls of dead minions/champions/monsters, raising your ability power and armor. How cool is that?! But of course, you get the discouraging jerks who will whine at you throughout the whole game and threaten to report you just for being a support. They expect us to save the whole team with a single click that it’s annoying. /rant over. Below is the gameplay. I’ll post a build if I ever get around to finding a good one for him. He is currently 7800 IP or 975 RP (part of a new pricing system) and will be reduced to 6300 IP next week.



***Also, the audio on the video is horrible. Sorry! Working to fix that on upcoming gameplay videos.



January 24, 2013
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