Soryu Oh General Review

Soryu Oh (28) is a Hong Kong mobster, being the grandson of the former mob boss and is a high ranking member of Ice Dragons.

Soryu Oh II

One word is enough in order to explain Soryu: “scary”. Someone who doesn’t talk much and is generally bothered by the presence of those around him, Soryu is a character hiding in the shadows of his own life. He doesn’t feel emotions and does what should be done without thinking any further about it.

His background is not detailed very clearly. All we know is that he was raised by his grandfather and was educated in England where he met Eisuke Ichinomiya, who is the only person he seems to be talking to. Even though some information is provided about it in his walkthroughs, a big question mark still remains , however. Is it expected to learn and understand the lifetime of a high rank mobster be very well? Therefore, it can be said that leaving gaps about the lifetime of this gangster makes him seem even more shadowy, which actually is a success.

Being another sponsor of the auctions held in Tres Spades, he manages the money flow and its transportation. Why he takes place in auction is pretty simple: to make money.  However, why would a mobster who can pay $20 million for a girl he doesn’t recognize and knows would probably be a headache for him, need money? How is he going to make use of it?

Soryu Oh I

His pathways generally focus on the relationships in the mobster world. Being the one in command of Ice Dragons’ Japan branch, he has to maintain good relationships with fellow organizations while “taking care” of the others. While doing so, Soryu sometimes makes good use of his $20 million by using MC as a display during his deals.

His only problem are not the relationships with other organizations but as expected, he may sometimes have to face issues born within Ice Dragons, which is apparently harder for him to deal with as his character is drawn in the game reflects it successfully. This situation shows us one more time that his family has always been Ice Dragons and he actually has feelings, especially when it is about his sub-ordinates. This reflection is a serious success considering Soryu is a man who is generally “cold”.

In Soryu’s routes, action is never lacking. While as expected from the storyline of a mobster, there are constant rat-races, gunshots, death, wounds, kidnappings, etc. However, there is also a Soryu looking after his sub-ordinates and a Soryu who is in love and romantic. He is unexpectedly a real “passionate human” when he is in love; that just makes his walkthrough fill with much more adrenaline.

Furthermore, Soryu’s routes, shockingly, are full of laughter more than anybody else’s. Relations and communications among Ice Dragons, mobsters and other “penthouse guys” may lead to big laughs from time to time.

Another great thing about it is the art. Even though the overall drawing quality of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder is seriously up the roof, when it comes to Soryu, it leaves your mouth open while drooling.
fotoÄŸraf 2
The only thing that might be pretty “boring” about his stories is the fact that he frequently takes out his gun when anything he doesn’t like occurs and he threatens to shoot those around him. However, even though his mimics don’t often show much, the “penthouse guys” and “Ice Dragons” subordinates are his only friends and there is no way he would harm them. And on second though, his gun is not so frightening anymore because he keeps wiggling it around.

Overall, Soryu’s routes are huge success both by means of stories and great for visual pleasure.

December 23, 2014
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