SMITE Another COG in the Machine Patch Notes – 3/10/15

The patch is now live! Video and patch notes below.

COG Scylla400 Gems

COG Scylla

Madame Blade Serqet400 Gems

Madame Blade Serqet

Valkyrie Freya250 Gems

Valkyrie Freya

Ravenous Bakasura250 Gems

Ravenous Bakasura

Hou Yi Golden/Legendary/Diamond
Gold-Legendary-Diamond Hou Yi
Madame Blade Serqet
Spring Ward Skin
Thanatos Wave and Clap.
Ao Kuang
Standard Zhong Kui
Zhong Kui Standard
Time Lord Chronos
Time Lord Chronos

    The Notifications page has been reworked.
    The Profile page has been reworked.
    Changed the COMPETITIVE tab to LEAGUE.
    Added new colorblind options in User Interface (Protanope, Deuteranope, and Trianope).
    Security question pop up has been updated with new art.
    Match Rating pop up has been updated with new art.
    Added duo queueing information to League descriptions.
    Addressed crashing from opening the T-screen.
    Fixed not being able to select gods if having an Emote purchase dialog open while transitioning into match lobby.
    Fixed a case where pop ups and purchase dialogs would slowly load in while in match lobby.
    Fixed HOME button appearing behind the in queue timer when the party leader puts you in queue.
    Fixed Friend Request not showing properly when logging in.
    Fixed God Building Skills showing the wrong mana cost and showing cooldown instead.
    Fixed a typo in Bellona’s lore that read “Ballona”.
    Fixed typo “Views” in the Social tooltip.
    Fixed some in match prompts not properly scaling when changing window sizes.
    Fixed missing icons for new god bundles.
    Fixed the friends list player icon moving up and not opening loadouts.
    Fixed the queue timer showing over the Home button at end of match lobby for party members.
    Fixed Recently Played list not showing which Gods they played.
    Fixed mouse over for friends not displaying in match time correctly.
    Fixed names showing up incorrectly when inviting players that are already in a match.
    Fixed the missing scroll bar the first time opening the lore tab.
    Fixed not seeing login screen elements if you disconnect from the server at the end of match lobby.
    Fixed Recently Played tooltips showing pending friend request data.
    Fixed Player tooltips showing ‘undefined’ when not properly handling data.
    Fixed Key Bindings menu showing missing data for Abilities 1-4.
    Fixed some cases of incorrect number of available emotes being displayed.
    Fixed the queued label persisting into match lobby.
    Fixed rare cases where players sometimes would not show on the scoreboard.


  • Removed the bubbling up of new messages to the top.
  • Added timestamps to Party tab.
  • When you select to a message a player, the input field will be auto focused.
  • Fixed chat remaining open if you return to lobby from practice a game.

This patch we are starting to implement a new pricing structure for skins. This structure applies to non-exclusive skins.

  • Tier 1 Skins: 100 Gems or 9500 Favor. Color Change or “Recolor” version of the base model.
  • Tier 2 Skins: 250 Gems. Minor model changes and upgrades. Uses the gods original theme and voice pack. Example: Valkyrie Freya
  • Tier 3 Skin: 400 Gems. New theme and model changes. May have minor special FX, minor animation changes, and often has a custom voice pack. Example: Blind Vengeance Nemesis.
  • Tier 4 Skin: 600 Gems. New theme, model changes, major animation changes, new special FX, and always has a custom voice pack. Example: HeBro He Bo, Elite Agent Apollo.
  • Tier 5 Skin: Special limited edition skins, like Archon Thanatos.

Fixed being able to block Fire Giant melee attacks with player deployables.
Gold Fury and Fire Giant: When respawning are now hittable at exactly 5 minutes from their death.

  • Fixed an issue where twitch streaming minutes were not being recorded with in game streamer.
  • Fixed some missing end of match lobby assets for Bakasura, Hel, and Odin.
  • Fixed sound fx persisting if server goes down while at end of match lobby.
  • Fixed some texture quality issues when World Detail is set to Maximum then Minimum.
  • Fixed invisible towers sometimes occurring when rewinding in spectator.
  • Fixed some assets in Arena appearing black while spectating.

Bluestone Pendant
Bluestone Pendant
Reduced mana regeneration to 3% of missing mana per second from 4%.
Reinforced Shoes
Reinforced Shoes
Fixed description cutoff for word “Reduction”.
Watcher's Gift
Watcher’s Gift
“Watcher’s Gift was not competing as much with other starting options for Guardians, so along with including jungle camps in the passive, additional MP5 helps this item keep our tanky friends healthy.”
Jungle camps now trigger Watcher’s Gift’s passive.
Now provides an additional +5 MP5.
Ah Muzen Cab
Ah Muzen Cab
Hives: Fixed targeting brackets not working on the hives.
Ao Kuang
Ao Kuang
Golden/Legendary/Diamond skins now properly using correct skin at the end of match lobby.
“Anhur’s clear reduction entering into Season 2 was a bit heavy-handed, and thus we have reverted the change and we will continue to evaluate him moving forward.”
Various visual improvements
Added missing footsteps on Diamond skin.
Basic Attack – Made hit fx smaller.
Obelisk: Reduced sand radius opacity
Desert Fury: Reduced opacity on the hit fx.
Impale: No longer reduces damage by 50% after the first target hit.
Fixed Suku sometimes becoming invisible.
Base health increased to 475 from 450.
Health per Level increased to 77 from 75.
Moonlight Charge: Damage increased to 90/130/170/210/250 from 70/110/150/190/230.
Fixed typo in description for “Penalty”.
Fixed Awilix landing hit fx radius that was showing larger than the actual damage.
Gravity Surge: No longer showing Crowd Control immune Gods as targets.
Fixed untextured assets at end of match lobby.
“Bacchus’ early game presence has struggled versus other Guardians with his inability to maintain Drunk-o-Meter in the laning phase along with him being knocked up during his Belch of the Gods. Adding a higher starting Drunk-o-Meter gain along with adding knockback immunity to his Belch puts him in line with other early game Guardians. Time to party!”

Chug: Drunk-O-Meter gained increased to 33/35/37/39/41% from 22/28/34/40/46%.
Belch of the Gods: Bacchus is now knockup immune while channeling this ability.
“Bellona had a very strong launch, and we’re making adjustments to address how difficult the Goddess of War was to take down. In addition to a reduction in protections and healing, we took a bit of the spring out of her step.”
Master of War: Movement Speed reduced to 3% per stack from 6% per stack.
Protections reduced to 4 per stack from 5 per stack.
Duration reduced to 4s from 5s.
Bludgeon: Basic Attacks using Hammer now do 33% lifesteal instead of 100%.
Scourge: Healing reduced to 30/40/50/60/70 from 30/50/70/90/110.
“Part quality of life, part balance, this change should help Cabrakan rage a little less.”
Seismic Crus: Cabrakan is no longer affected by the basic attack movement penalty while making basic attacks with this ability active.
Fixed wrong persistent mouth fx in the lobby for Frostfang skin.
Fixed missing hit fx for basic attacks for Frostfang skin.
Fixed untextured assets at end of match lobby.
Hou Yi
Hou Yi
Mark of the Golden Crown: Fixed the tooltip incorrectly stating +15% instead of +25% penetration.
Dive Bomb: Fixed Hou Yi getting debuffed when gliding over Janus Portal.
Mighty Yawn: Radius increased to 25 from 20.
Tooltip incorrectly stating a radius of 25 is now correct.
World Weaver: Fixed projectile from being blocked by Isis Circle of Protection.
“With these changes we are continuing in the direction of improving Nox’s control, while also fixing some of the difficulty she had with the previous changes to Night Terror.”
Nightfall Raven: Silence duration increased to 2s at all ranks from 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2s.
Night Terror: Nox is now CC Immune while casting this ability.
Improved the visual FX for this ability.
Odin Icon
“Odin has had some difficulties transitioning into the latter stages of the game, and this patch we are increasing his scaling to help compensate for that.”
Fixed untextured assets at end of match lobby.
Lunge: Physical Power scaling increased to 70% from 60%.
Raven Shout: Physical Power scaling increased to 60% from 50%.
Ring of Spears: Fixed the spears causing resistance when friendlies move past.
Astral Strike: Added new sound and fx for when Rama picks up the dropped arrows.
Fixed the dogs from appearing underneath the pedestal when using “Special” for Daisy Despair.
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong
Somersault Cloud: Fixed not being able to cast when up against a wall.
Fixed not dealing damage to jungle camps when landing.
Fixed description cutoff at Progression.
“Xbalanque has been dominating Season 2, and we’re adjusting his base Attack Speed to help compensate for how well he’s adapted.”
Base attack speed reduced to 0.95 from 1.

March 18, 2015
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