SMITE Balance Patch Notes – 07/14/15

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Hey Smite fans! This small balance patch is scheduled to go live next Tuesday, but be sure to also tune in the following Wednesday July 15th for a preview of our next full content patch!




Gold Fury
We initially lowered the value on the Gold Fury to limit the snowballing potential of the team who secured it. We still like this direction, but we wanted to bring a little value back so teams that do prioritize the objective still feel rewarded, especially early.
Adjusted the value of Gold Fury gold reward from 100 +10 per minute to 150 +10 per minute, still capping at 350.


  • Fixed Greater Sprint having outdated passive text for non-English localizations.
  • Corrected an error in new player training Favor rewards.
  • Fixed a referral button crash case.



Doom OrbHeartseeker
Doom Orb/Heartseeker
Now round up when losing half stacks on death, to a minimum of 1.
Wrath of the Gods
Wrath of the Gods
We have increased the damage from 900 to 1000 true damage to allow for this active to have a slightly larger window where you can use the damage appropriately and have it compete with high damage ultimates.
Increased damage to objectives from 900 true damage to 1000 true damage.


Jade Rabbit: Increased speed for Jade Rabbit to shorten time he takes to purchase items.
Nox silences herself while channeling Shadow Lock, so we wanted to give her some options to defend herself while in this state. She can now use actives that do not use a targeter. This includes actives such as Sprint, Purification Beads, and Aegis.

    Shadow Lock

  • Fixed an issue where Nox could cast this ability twice.
  • You can now use instant cast active items while channeling this ability, without interruption.
  • This ability is no longer affected by Crowd Control Reduction, as long as Nox is still channeling.


Basic Attack: Updated his attack chain to correctly reflect the listed time.

Chain of Blows (Passive): Increased damage multiplier from 7.5% per stack to 10% per stack (Max. from 60 to 80).

Overhead Kick: Ravana using this skill wisely is a large part of his kit, but in many cases we were seeing this skill interrupted early. We want to increase the reward for using this skill at a proper time.
Ravana is now Crowd Control immune during this ability.

10-Hand Shadow Fist: The % heal didn’t give Ravana full control over his sustain. This change to flat should increase his sustain overall while also making the heal amount consistent. The cooldown adjustment will also mean this happens more often and gives a slight boost to his Crowd Control in the process.
Cooldown reduced from 18s to 15s.
Healing changed from % damage dealt to flat 10/15/25/40/60 per hit.

Mystic Rush: Mystic Rush is meant to be a tool for engaging onto who you want to fight, and by upping the Damage Reduction and doubling the stacks of Chain of Blows, Ravana should be able to better engage a team, and deal more upfront damage.
The Shield now scales in Damage Reduction, from a flat 40% to 40/45/50/55/60%.
Now doubles your current passive stacks upon firing.
Flurry of Acorns: Corrected rank 1 of Flurry of Acorns cooldown from 8s to the desired 12s.

July 10, 2015
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