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Four days of 50% off sales
All skins listed will be headed to the Legacy Vault on December 2, 2014. They will no longer be in the League of Legends store after that date.
Double IP Weekend will start on November 28 (00:01 PST) and end November 30 (23:59 PST).
Self Mystery Gifting (you can Mystery Gift yourself through the store) will be available November 28 (00:01 PST) through December 1 (23:59 PST).
***There are four different pages, each pertaining to one of the four days of sales. This was done in order to shrink the post size and avoid endless scrolling. The page numbers are at bottom of the last skin.
Bundle For All Skins: 8,869 RP (20,269 RP if you need the champions).
November 28 00:01 PST through 23:59 PST November 28
Freljord Ashe – 260 RP
Freljord Ashe Splash

Freljord Ashe
Recon Teemo – 260 RP
Recon Teemo Splash

Recon Teemo
Almost Prom King Amumu – 260 RP
Almost Prom King Amumu Splash

Almost Prom King Amumu
Baron Von Veigar – 487 RP
Baron Von Veigar Splash

Baron Von Veigar
Deadly Kennen – 260 RP
Deadly Kennen Splash

Deadly Kennen
Vandal Gragas – 487 RP
Vandal Gragas Splash

Vandal Gragas
Tribal Ryze – 260 RP
Tribal Ryze Splash

Tribal Ryze
Longhorn Alistar – 260 RPLonghorn Alistar Splash

Longhorn Alistar
Coral Reef Malphite – 375 RP
Coral Reef Malphite Splash

Coral Reef Malphite

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November 14, 2014
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