[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Maeda Toshiie Starter Route Guide

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Episode 1: A Monkey and His Dog
I: (They really do look good…) (For Toshiie)
II: “I don’t have much of an appetite.” (For Hideyoshi)

I: “He does.” (For Hideyoshi)
II: “But he’s gentle too.” (For Toshiie)

Episode 2: Childhood Friends
I: (That’s…concerning.) (For Toshiie)
II: (Like he would be able to help me…) (For Hideyoshi)

I: Try to lie. (For Hideyoshi)
II: “I made it!” (For Toshiie)

Episode 3: Bitter with the Sweet
I: “No.” (For Toshiie)
II: “It’d be funny if that were true.” (For Hideyoshi)

I: “I don’t mind.” (For Hideyoshi)
II: “It’s a little strange.” (For Toshiie)

April 6, 2016
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