[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Maeda Toshiie Main Story Guide

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Episode 4: Banished
II: “Still can’t draw, I see.”
II: (Oh, Inuchiyo…)

Episode 5: Make It or Break It
II: “Inuchiyo has always liked it.”
II: “Then I am.”

Episode 6: The Red Cloaks
II: Start with Inuchiyo.
II: “…I just felt like it.”

Episode 7: Can He Love Her?
II: (I have to get up…)
II: Call his name.

Episode 8: The Lord of the Castle
II: (I’m glad he’s safe.)
I: (This could be my chance to see Inuchiyo.)

Episode 9: Truth Made Words
I: “It’s all right now.”
II: (I want to say something to him.)

Episode 10: Best-Kept Secrets
II: “Thank you.”
II. (Inuchiyo, help me…)

Episode 11: My Love
II: (Inuchiyo will love this.)
I: “Don’t want me to?”

Episode 12: At Death’s Door
II: “It’s nothing.”
I: “Of course I’m scared.”

Episode 13: Dyed in Tears (Divine End)
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Episode 13: My Better Half (Nobel End)
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April 6, 2016
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