Renekton New Splash Art, Azir Login Screen, Cassiopeia Lore, more…

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Rene New Loading

Full Resolution
Renekton New Splash
Azir Login

New Layout Announements

First Blood

Double Kill

Triple Kill

Quadra Kill

Penta Kill
Cassiopeia has new lore, which accompanies other Shurima lore updates.
Cassiopeia Splash

“Cassiopeia is a terrifying creature – half woman, half snake – whose slightest glance brings death. The youngest daughter of one of Noxus’ most influential families, she was once a beautiful and cunning temptress capable of manipulating the hardest heart. Transformed by the venom of an ancient Shuriman tomb guardian, she continues to serve Noxian interests as she always has, just in a more… visceral way.”

Along with her TU and new lore, she has a new champion select quote. “There is no antidote for me.

Zilean’s Ult Indicator
Zilean has a new ult indicator. Now the allied target can see when his ult is active.

September 3, 2014
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