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Once Upon a Time Season 2 RECAP


A brief recap of what’s currently going on in one of my many favorite TV shows! Commence!


Rumpelstiltskin and Captain Hook

Alright, so the whole town is under Regina’s (Evil Queen) curse no more! Everyone remembers who they are and want revenge, but David (Prince Charming) stops them. Move along to episodes of individual characters. Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) 
has a past, but how much do we know about him? We know that he’s trying to figure out a way to bring his son back to him (go back to season 1). Turns out that pre-The Dark One, he was just a harmless coward whose wife would go to the pub late at nights and drink with various men (or pirates!) We find out that she’s planning to leave off with her lover Captain Hook, into another world (Neverland). After Rumpel seeks her out aboard Hook’s ship, she refuses; as the Captain challenges his to a sword fight, Rumpel, the coward that he is, turns it down and so his wife sets off with her pirate. Long story short, Rumpel gains dark magical power from said The Dark One and meets up with Hook once again on his ship (time has passed) with his wife aboard (still; what a two timing &*%#!!). With enhanced powers and confidence, Rumpel slices off Hook’s hand and equips himself with the famous hook from the stories and movies.  Rumpel then takes his wife’s heart and crushes it, summoning a vengeful promise within Captain Hook.


The Four Princesses

On the other side, Emma (Emma White? A.k.a. Snow White and Charming’s daughter) and Mary Margaret (Snow Whiteare sucked into Mad Hatter’s hat, taking them into the magical world where Mulan  and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) are mourning Prince Phillip’s death, who was killed by a Wraith after he was marked to be killed by a medallion. Mulan vows to always stay at Aurora’s side and protect her. They both find Emma and Snow under rubble and accuse them of releasing the Wraith into their world. After bitter arguments and a confrontation with a really big ogre, the four become bffs (not really, they need to work on their trust issues). On a journey to get back home with the help of Mulan and Aurora, they come across an outpost led by Sir Lancelot, who then turns out to be Cora (the Evil Queen’s mother), who killed the real Lancelot. She’s also wanting to go to the real world, where her daughter is currently situated. Emma burns their only way back home (the magical wardrobe carved by Geppetto first used on Emma as a baby to send her into this world) as an attempt to keep the evil Cora from visiting her daughter. Cora gathers ashes from the wardrobe, which are useful for her journey. The girls meet Hook but don’t trust him. He wins them over by telling them of a place up high in the sky with a compass that will get them back home. This place could only be reached by a giant beanstalk and is guarded by the only living Giant. Emma and Hook both climb the beanstalk and have a go at the Giant, who turns out to be a really nice guy. Hook and Emma then have a small romantic scene. I really thought these two would hook up. Get it? Hook?


Something Evil

On the Halloween episode of Once Upon A Time, Dr. Whale is revealed to be Dr. Frankenstein. He brings back Regina’s fiancé to life, who was killed by Cora. He comes back a monster and rips off Dr. Frankenstein’s arm off. Regina is forced to kill him after he almost hurt Henry (Emma’s son). This was Dr. Frankenstein’s second attempt at bringing him back, the first being when he wanted a heart from Cora’s many in order to try and bring his own brother back from the dead. In the episode, he mentioned various times that the “magic” in his world is far superior than that of which the fairytale characters resided in. Interesting!


Onto Wonderland

Turns out that Hook is working for Cora. who turns out to be none other than The Queen of Hearts. Regina hires Hook to kill her mother by enchanting his hook to rip out her heart. When that failed, Cora faked her death to kill her daughter, but after a heartfelt scene with Regina lamenting her mother’s death, explaining that she’s her weakness and therefore she should die, she scrapped her plan.


Aurora is captured by Cora but then is freed by Hook who takes her heart; Cora makes Aurora lock the girls (herself included) in Rumpelstiltskin’s cell. They manage to get out using Rumpel’s ink on a small paper with the Emma written all over it. Also, Aurora and Henry are able to make contact through a dream. The room in which they are while communicating is full of flames and actually burn your physical body. Seeing as it’s too dangerous for Henry, David (Charming) convinces Gold and Regina to put him under a sleeping curse. Later, he communicates with Snow (she was under a sleeping curse too, remember?) In a confrontation with Cora and Hook, Emma and Snow go back to their world. When all hope is over for Cora, Hook pulls out a dead bean which is can come back to life in the rejuvenating lake. In the last scene of the episode, Cora and Hook are seen sailing towards Storybrooke. What’s going to happen?! I for one can’t wait, but unfortunately, we’re forced to. Once Upon A Time is on winter break and returns January 6, 2013 on ABC.

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December 10, 2012
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