NOtome: My Otome/Dating Sim Blacklist

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A few months back, I attempted to make a joke on Tumblr and, as is always the case, it wasn’t very funny.

But I’ve since grown attached to this dumb word, so I’m going to take it with me now. It is my child and I’m going to do something with it.

So, here is a list of things that will make a game my NOtome – games that I will NOT play or have any chance of enjoying (past or present). Games with these would have to be phenomenal in order to get me to play them at all. Included in this post is also a list of developers that I personally refuse to play for personal reasons.

Disclaimer: Again, this is my PERSONAL blacklist. This is all based on my personal comfort and opinion. This list is in no way made to attack or cause anyone to attack people who like or are involved with such games or dev teams. It’s just a list. That’s it.

In Games:

  • Stat-raising
  • Pay walls
  • Love triangles
  • Sadism/Torture
  • Lack of Happy Endings
  • Gacha/Card collecting
  • Troll/Crack/Parody/Satire games


  • Nix Hydra Games Inc. (The Arcana)
  • Aeon Dream Studios / Ajané J.K. Celestin (Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons, To the Edge of the Sky)
  • Zeiva Inc. (X-Note, Dragon Essence, Area-X, AniCon)
  • Voltage Entertainment USA Inc. (Lovestruck)
  • NTT Solmare (Story Jar, Shall We Date?, Destiny Ninja, Lost Island)
  • Winter Wolves (Heileen, Nicole, Queen of Thieves)
  • ebi-hime (This World Unknown, Empty Horizons)
  • D3 Publisher (Nightshade, Gakuen Club, The Charming Empire)
  • Audilis (Love is a Game)
  • Plasterbrain (Pizza Game)
  • AppleCider (Caramel Mokaccino)
  • Lettuce Waltz (Spirit Parade)
  • Agashi (Queen’s Crown)
  • CloudNovel / Sonya Fung (Café Rouge)

To be updated as I come by them!

If there are any game mechanics or developers that you think would be a good idea to stay away from, let me know!

September 13, 2019
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