[My Forged Wedding: PARTY] 4th of July Sale

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My Forged Wedding: PARTY is having it’s first 4th of Jule Sale, available until July 5th 0:00 A.M. (UTC)!

Current items on sale are

  • 4th of July Big Value Set, which comes with Gacha Medal x 50, for the reduced price of 375000 Coin (originally 5000 Coin)
  • Love Pass 60 Set, which comes with Love Pass x 60, for the reduced price of 2880 Coin (originally 3600 Coin)
  • 4th of July Closet 50 Set, which comes with Closet (50 Slots), for the reduced price of 560 Coin (originally 700 Coin)
  • 4th of July Warehouse 20 Set, which comes with Warehouse (20 Slots), for the reduced price of 350 Coin (originally 500 Coin)

Each item is limited to one per person. After purchase, these items will appear in the Set Items section of your Items menu. After use, the items will first appear in your Gift Box.

Happy playing!

July 3, 2015
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