Meanwhile at Noob Central #5: We’re >2 Years Old!

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It’s been two years and four days since Elu came up to Barney and me and out of the blue said, “Hey, we have a blog now, so go post stuff.”!

Seriously, that’s how it went down.

And now here we are, still not sure what we’re doing!


To be perfectly honest, I don’t think any one of us thought NooBabble would last this long. I certainly didn’t! But we’re still here!

A BIG THANK YOU to all our readers and visitors from the NooBabble team! You guys really make posting worth it so much. We’re always trying to improve the blog so that you have a better experience on here, even opening up to having others join the blogging team so that there’s more variety (shout out to Kuroazu!).

Elu and I are still noobs and we’re still trying to get the hang of it, but we can’t thank you all enough for sticking with us regardless!

So here’s to NooBabble, having gone two years and in hopes that it goes on for more!


November 28, 2014
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