Meanwhile at Noob Central… #2

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So these are just going to be updates of what’s going on with us and what we have planned. o/

Elu hasn’t been doing much but playing League of Legends and working on builds along binge-watching Dexter and movies. On the side of pestering me about buying him a 3DS. Which won’t happen. I need one for myself!

I finished all seven seasons of Bones and all of Monk on Netflix a while back. I tried to start Warehouse 13, but I got disinterested really early on in the first episode. I’m still trying to motivate myself to type up those event routes, but they keep getting pushed back. ;;OTL

BarneyYo… is MIA yet again.

ANYWAYS! I’m hoping to hopefully get over this post slump by doing a “Let’s Watch…”*, a segment where I force myself to start watching shows and posting my thoughts as I make my way through each episode. If for some reason I drop a show, then that’ll be the end of the Let’s Watch… with that series. I’m hoping to start off with Free!, Shingeki no Kyojin, and AMNESIA, series that I’ve been telling myself to watch but just been pushing back for their own reasons. That’s a lot of hoping. Maybe Elu and BarneyYo might want to do some of their own.

So, that’s pretty much about it for now.  If anyone has ideas on what we can do or what you’d like for us to do, don’t be afraid to comment!

Edit: * SO I just realized that this might be confusing since there are those “Let’s Play/LP” type of things, which we honestly don’t really know what they are.  Unfortunately, “Let’s Watch” was the first thing to come to mind when I thought of doing the segments and I don’t know what else to call it. If I can get a different name later on or someone can recommend a title, I’d be fine with changing it. Until then, though, I’ll continue to call them “Let’s Watch…”.

July 22, 2013
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