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Ah, the MTV Video Music Awards. A star-studded night with spectacular lights and trophies given out to recognize artists picked out by screaming little girls and boys via mouse click and screen thumb-smashing. Wait! You mean there’s an awards show for music on a TV network that ignores the fact that it (music) actually exists?! But I thought MTV was another reality show filled TLC? That’s exactly what it is, but every year they feel the need to try and honor music and movies (separate events); seriously, who would feel honored grabbing a moon man or popcorn trophy by such network? And the performers? Mostly compiled of a let’s-see-who-can-shock-the-world-most type of show.


Opening the show was Lady GaGa, whose back with a new single and wardrobe full of rags sewn together in an attempt to be artsy. But that was tame compared to what stumbled on the stage later in the show. What the VMA’s thrives upon are the performances, rather than handing out awards. And the nominees? Half the roster were just teeny boppers whose cringe-worthy music is as bad as the network itself.

Do you hear that? What’s that screeching noise in the distance? Oh, someone needs help!……. Wait no… it’s just someone’s cry for attention.



It wouldn’t be MTV without an over-the-top performance of a former Disney star vying for attention on stage by acting like utter trash. With black people as props, life-sized teddy bears, ass slapping, and whatever you see in the picture above, Miley screamed, “I’m all grown up! Look at me!” (For f-ing shame Robin Thicke.) But that’s not how you show the world that you’re past your blonde wig and sparkly personality (as shown on a sitcom for the young audience). And there are ones who come to mind that haven’t gone this route. Notably, sisters Aly and AJ Michalka, who make up 78Violet, their new group name. Watch their new stuff below.

It wouldn’t hurt to think to yourself: “I have a lot of fans, and a chunk of those were young and growing up as well. How will I behave in a way where I’ll be a good role model to them and my new fans?” Definitely not the way you displayed yourself last night. Even Rihanna thought you were trashy. Rihanna for Pete’s sake! It’s also not much help when your own father (seemingly) supports your actions.

Tweet Cyrus

Does that include your daughter too? (The “love …less hate.” is towards Syria’s recent tragedies according to him).

But, there were at least two performances worth noting. Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake+‘N Sync (yep), and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert and Jennifer Hudson (who joined in to sing with Lambert). Aside from that, nothing else was remotely classy. (Ha, classy on MTV.)

I am in no way a gossip news journalist (yes, that’s a thing). I was just extremely disgusted by last night’s awards show, something I still watch in order to rip on it the next day (I should find a new yearly hobby). I’m also guilty of listening to some of these “attention-whores.” I am a fan of their music (I’m not going to mention who these artists are), but not them. I don’t have to like them in order to like the music, which is mostly written by other people anyway. What?! Okay, not some, but maybe two artists who I’m ashamed to admit I listen to.

And high five to Kelly Clarkson for tweeting this last night:

Kelly Clarkson Win

Someone who’s used her natural talent rather than grotesque performances to succeed has much of a right to judge what she witnessed on the stage last night.

In a world of reality TV shows and such performances on awards shows, it’s no surprise these artists and other random people keep showing up trying to outsell themselves with little to no clothes on live/pre-recorded TV. It’s the followers, internationally (this is not just a U.S. problem, these are top ten international artists), who give them more support to do whatever the f*** they want. Now let’s ask ourselves this: What have we done?!

August 26, 2013
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