Fog Takeover

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If you head on over to LeBlanc’s page, you will see a mysterious fog and lightning surround her. This fog covers other champions’ pages as well. Caitlyn (strange smoke/fog), Hecarim, Cassiopeia, Twisted Fate, Zed, Xerath, and Lissandra are all victims of this fog. What could this mean? It might be a new champion teaser. Remember Jinx’s vandalizing of Vi and Caitlyn’s profile pages? And if the cycle continues, the next champion should be an ADC.

Is this new champion hunting them down? Or maybe there’s rivalry between them. And why? Although there’s no official word from Riot pertaining to this, the origin of this fog is certainly building up the hype. What do you think?


Twisted Fate Fog Xerath Fog



October 17, 2014
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