Flight Rising Content Update – 12/30

Hi everyone! I’m still pretty new to Flight Rising, having joined during their December registration window. If you think you’d be interested in joining, just be patient! I’m sure they will have another registration window this month.
What is Flight Rising?
Flight Rising is a browser-based game where you raise your own dragons and customize their apparel and abilities (think Neopets). Breeding, battling, and trading with other players are all options. Enjoy mini games, PVP battle and pick your faction and start raising your clan!
There was a content update on December 30th which included new enemies in The Kelp Beds. That’s a level 25+ area, so proceed with caution.

With new enemies come new item drops! Two new familiars, some trinkets, and a few food items await in The Kelp Beds.

There is also some new jewelry! Most of this has to be bought in the treasure marketplace, however the Morganite pieces can be found as a rare drop from coliseum monsters in the Boreal Wood.

Here is a preview of the Amethyst Flourish Tail Drape on all species and genders (the drapes all appear the same aside from color):

And the Aquamarine Flourish Tail Clasp on all species and genders (once again, they all look the same aside from color):

In other news, there are 5 new additions to the Jigsaw game:
A few minor updates:
-Nocturne M, F, and hatchling has mis-sampled colors on the clown gene corrected.
-Smoke Gyre no longer drop Battered Scroll Case.
-Steam Gyre have had the drop rate on sparrow skulls reduced.
crystalline gala
And finally, the biggest news of all is The Second Annual Crystalline Gala, which begins on January 25th, 2015. Flight Rising is holding a skin and accent contest More information can be found here. Some awesome prizes include a copy of their winning skin and 1,500 gems are up for grabs! The deadline for submission is January 22nd, 2015, so you may want to get started if you’d like to enter.

January 2, 2015
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