[Be My Princess: PARTY] New Event Coming Soon: Private Winter Harvest Holiday

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Update 12/26/14: For those looking for information about this event or a guide, I made a new post: [Be My Princess: PARTY] Private Winter Harvest Holiday Event Info.

Update 12/25/14: Guides are up!


Here comes another event! For those wondering: This is an event (the first, I believe) that was released in the Japanese version of Be My Princess for GREE, but was not released in the English version. So finally, we get our first event that players of Be My Princess for GREE missed out on! While this event was the first to be released in Love Tiara, I thought for sure we’d miss out on it again. Hopefully the release of this event doesn’t affect whether or not we’ll get the New Year’s event, which is already set to be release in Love Tiara!

Here’s what I know so far:

  • Only Wilfred, Keith, Roberto, and Joshua will be available.
    • Each prince will have four stages.
    • Each prince will have two endings: A Happy End and a Secret Happy End.
      • Both endings have exactly the same content except that the Secret Happy End has the illustration. No Prince PoV’s this time.
  • Unlike previous social game events, this event will have two choices per Stage. Each choice will reward you with 150 Love Factors, totaling out to 300 Love Factors for each Stage as opposed to the previous 200. Also unlike previous events, the endings do not have any choices.
  • Event Battles will use the same system as the Royal Christmas event. By going on Event Dates and winning at the Battles, you will be able to unlock Town Spots. Each Town Spot has a certain number of dates that you need to go on them before unlocking the next Town Spot. You receive the Town Spots for your own Town once you’ve completed the needed number of successful Event Dates at each one. There will be three Town Spots, all themed around autum/harvest season. Each Town Spot comes with its own Date Story.
  • By completing all Secret Happy Endings, you will receive the Historic Autumn Castle background (Charm: 300). Early Clear Bonus is a Blonde Side Ponytail avatar item (Charm: 150). By ranking in the top 200, you will receive an Autum Secret Date Outfit avatar item (Charm: 200) which is ADORABLE.

I still don’t know much, but I wouldn’t put it past Voltage Inc. to begin the event very soon after the current event ends. I’ll update again if I get more before it starts, but no guarantees. I will post the guide in the Voltage Inc. Guides page under the Be My Princess: PARTY section within the next few hours and will leave it there until I can get the Event Info post up, so be on the lookout for it!

There’s less than 23 hours left until A Royal Christmas event ends!

Happy playing!

December 25, 2014
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