Be My Princess for GREE White Day 2013 Event: What We Already Know

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Update: For those looking for information about the White Dat Event, I made a new post: Be My Princess for GREE ~White Day 2013 Event Info~.


Late event is late! Not gonna blame Voltage, though, since this event was scheduled to begin RIGHT AFTER the maintenance, which still has bugs. Sadly, the main bug is the same one that cursed My Sweet Bodyguard that made it a bit of a problem to read the stories. Dunno if it was fixed in MSB yet, but it was definitely a bug that kept me from playing that AT ALL. OCD FTW

ANYWAYS! Supposing that this event doesn’t start as soon as I finish posting this (or while I’m typing this up and posting it), here’s what we can look forward to!

  • All six princes will be available.
    • Each prince will have four stages.
  • There will be a Macaroon Party
  • There will also be a White Day Gacha.
    • Based on previous events,
      • Each play will use 500pt after the first free play.
      • The Prince will be able to visit you if you place Special interior items that you get from the gacha in your room. He will not come if you place Normal interior items in your room.
    • Still no Storage Space . . . .
  • You will receive avatar items as completion items for completing the routes.
    • Wilfred: A pink coat
    • Keith: A light blue hat with a white flower outline and with a purple flower
    • Roberto: A pink, sleeveless dress with blue and purple bows, and multi-colored frills
    • Glenn: A pulled-back, loose bun(? hard to tell) hairstyle
    • Joshua: An aqua/greenish colored dress with white polka dots
    • Edward: Balloons, one large filled with roses with a pink ribbon, and a smaller aqua/greenish balloon with white polka dots
    • You can also receive a background with what looks like the exterior of a White Day shop. I’m guessing you can get this by completing all Happy Ends of the six princes (Based on previous events).
    • All items should total Charm+400 They obviously don’t, so I don’t know if that “Charm +400” is for all the items or just the backround
  • It looks to be another of those where the Happy and Normal ends are the same except for the completion item.

There are still some elements have yet to be translated, so I’m not sure when exactly the start time will be. I’ll try to keep up with the updates and add to this when I can (if the event hasn’t started by that time), as well as start up an info post as soon as the event is up for play.

And holy crap, that Candy House looks yum enough to eat! I’m assuming that’s the one in Edward’s route. And the other sweets in the background . . . YUM. Too bad we can’t actually eat them. _(:c」∠)_

March 7, 2013
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