[Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY] Mirai Kageyama Main Story Guide

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(Please take into consideration that I haven’t completed this route using this guide, but these answers should be correct. If they are not, please feel free to let me know so that it can be corrected.)

Note about selections: There are three choices for each selection. The best choice will give you 2 points while the other two will give you either 1 point or 0 points. The answers below should give you 2 points each.

Episode 1: Morning Surprise
A:Reach out and pet it.
B:Tell him exactly what happened.

Episode 2: Impromptu Interview
C:Ask for everyone’s help.
B:Tell him what you want to ride.

Episode 3: Newly Weds
C:Ask Noel.
B:Be friendly like we promised.

Episode 4: A Whole New Side
A:The light pink knit dress.
A:Ask about Mirai’s day to day personality.

Episode 5: Getting Closer
B:Trust him and wait.
A:Play along.

Episode 6: Warm Feelings
C:Pretend to get a phone call.
B:”It was terrifying.”

Episode 7: Jealousy?

Episode 8: Cold Shoulder
A:Call Cendrillon.
B:Don’t ask him anything.

Episode 9: Back Together
C:Look over the interview notes.
A:His past.

Episode 10: The Truth
B:Call out to them.
C:Touch his shoulder, then poke his cheek.

Episode 11: Lips Almost Touching
B:Make a joke.

Episode 12: For Your Smile
B:Wriggle out of the rope.
B:”See you tomorrow.”

Episode 13: The Investigation
A:Tell them about last night.
C:Call Satsuki.

Episode 14: No Match
C:”I missed you.”
C:Go with him no matter what he says.

Episode 15: Sweet Devil’s Seduction (Secret Happy End)
No selection

Episode 15: My One and Only (Super Happy End)
No selection

Episode 15: The Final Match (Happy End)
No selection

Epilogue: Our Future Together
No selection

March 31, 2015
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  • clk222

    For the first choice in episode 2, I chose B but nothing happened.. Does this mean that I got a 0(a wrong choice, that is)? Σ(゚д゚lll)

    • Shabby

      Oh flip. I just checked with someone playing his route and they tell me that C is the correct answer. I’m so sorry about that! :c

      Thank you for letting me know! I’ll fix it right away.

  • Mistress Kikokoi

    The second choice in the first episode didn’t seem to get me anything. Is it just me or was it wrong?

    • Shabby

      It might have been just you? I redid that choice and I got Chemsitry for it.

  • Charlie P

    Excuse me.
    If can i ask. How can i increase my chemistry and trust factor?
    You know, for get the “Secret Happy End”.
    Thanks xx

    • Hello!

      As far as I’m aware, you can only increase Chemistry by selecting the right choices during the story and by chance while playing the Cinderella Gacha. Trust Factor can be raised by going on Interviews.

      • Charlie P

        Thank you very much ☺ :)

        • annabell knuckey

          Just putting in my two cents, but I’m fairly sure at the end of routes if you don’t have enough, (and for the special His Side stories) you can purchase Chemistry with gems?
          Or maybe I’m just thinking of the times I’ve won it in Gachas like Shabby said.

          • Ack, I can’t quite remember, but I believe you are correct! I had assumed they wanted an answer where you wouldn’t need to spend Gems, but I’m pretry sure using Gems is an option to raise Chemistry when those Missions pop up. The same goes for Trust Factor as well.

            Thank you!

  • Charlie P

    Just can choose one end? that’s awful :c :c :c

    • Yes, you can only choose one ending. If you want to play the others, you will have to replay the route all over again. :

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