Warden Sivir & Nautilus, Marauder Ashe & Warwick Splash Art, New Summoner Icon

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New splash art for Ashe & Warwick, the ferocious Marauders and Wardens Sivir & Nautilus, the protectors. (That sounded cool in my head).

Warden Sivir & Nautilus

Warden Sivir & Nautilus

Warden Sivir – 750 RP

Warden Sivir Loading

Inquisitor Sivir II

Inquisitor Sivir Poses II


Warden Nautilus – 750 RP

Warden Nautilus Loading

Inquisitor Nautilus III

Inquisitor Nautilus Poses II

Marauder Ashe & Warwick

Marauder Ashe & Warwick

Marauder Ashe – 750 RP
Marauder Ashe Loading

Marauder Ashe I

Marauder Ashe Poses
Marauder Warwick – 750 RP
Marauder Warwick Loading

Marauder Warwick I

Marauder Warwick Poses

A new Ziggs summoner icon for the upcoming Nemesis Draft Mode!
Ziggs Summoner Icon

February 5, 2015
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