Voltage Inc. To Release Room Share★Sugao no Kare (ルームシェア★素顔のカレ) in English

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You’re going to be living with… who!?

You’ve made it into art school! It’s all uphill from here… Or so you thought!

An unfortunate misunderstanding leaves you homeless and you find your way to Clover Hill, a house complete with an art studio.

Took bad you’ve got to share it with a bunch of men!

Could romance be waiting for you there…?

I’ve had this in my drafts for a while now, but with the post for My Last First Kiss, I thought it’d be best to have this posted before that one to avoid any confusion on which game will be released for July. Just like with the upcoming release of Sakura Amidst Chaos, I have been screaming about this release since a source told me about it!

I’m told that the title of the English release will be Kiss Me on Clover Hill. Soichi’s and Bunta’s Season 1 and Season 2 Main Stories will be available upon release with the first three episodes of Season 1 available for free for a limited time. His PoV stories as well as Kazuto’s and Yusuke’s stories will follow later on. Since this is one of the games that still had the Invite-a-Friend Campaign before it was retired, we can at least expect those images to be released as part of future campaigns in or related to the game. Unless they pull a Finally, in Love Again on us and don’t release all the images. I’m still waiting for the others, Voltage!

This is yet another old game that I have been wanting to play since 2012! I’m always happy to see older cancelled games getting ported, and seeing them get an English release is enough to get me squealing in absolute excitement! Now is only we can get Doukyonin in English and Captain ported and in English~ /bricked Like with Sakura Amidst Choas, I am fully expecting that all ported stories get released in English. Unlike Tenka, Room Share is still getting updated in the Japanese iOS and Android versions, so hopefully that’s a very good sign for our art university guys here.

It is set to be released in July.

There hasn’t been any official announcement on the release yet, so keep your eyes open for any announcements on Voltage Inc.’s Facebook page!

Happy playing!


June 3, 2015
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