Voltage Inc. To Release Chikai no Kiss to 7tsu no Yuwaku (誓いのキスと7つの誘惑) in English

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*Note: I’ve had this sitting the the Drafts and I don’t feel like editing it, so just ignore the tense of it and all. It was officially announced in a My Forged Wedding notification earlier today and you can read the Prologue in the Winter Love: Melt Your Heart Sub Story.

The prize is CEO in this Savage Wedding Game!

You were just a typical office worker dreaming of a happy marriage.

Now the company’s alpha males are proposing to you…?!

Each tries to seduce you, all sharing one goal…

Marry you… to become CEO!

“This isn’t how I want to get married!”

Or so you thought…

So the next game in line to be released in English is this one. Not much else to say about the game since I’ve already posted about it before, but you can read just a bit more about it here (just uh don’t expect any legit useful info on there).

I’m told that the title of the English release will be My Wedding and 7 Rings. A strange title, but I guess. Asahi’s Main Story and Epilogue and My Forged 7 Rings Sub Story, a crossover with My Forged Wedding, will be available upon release. It also looks like, once again, we will not be having the Invite a Friend Campaign, though at this point it might be better to not expect to get them anymore. We will, however, have the campaign for both this game and My Forged Wedding that the Japanese version had when it was initially released in Japan. The Japanese version had the Prologue available on 恋cafe before the game was released, so maybe we can get the English version on Sweet Cafe? Then again, Voltage didn’t do that for Scandal in the Spotlight, but we never know with them so….

It is set to be released in early April.

There hasn’t been any official announcement on the release yet, so keep your eyes open for any announcements on Voltage Inc.’s Facebook page!

Happy playing!

March 23, 2015
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