Voltage Inc. JAPAN to Release 恋人は同居人 for Android and iOS

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By an unexpected coincidence, you have come to live together with five good-looking rich brothers. Under one roof, between brothers, various events happen. Picked up by limousine, gorgeous parties, a love triangle including the fiance of a celebrity. The distance with the brother becomes smaller, and love begins to sprout….

“Five good-looking sons of a noble are my older brothers!?”

Your mother’s remarriage partner is a multimillionaire of Japan!

Starting in a new house, living a different life from yesterday together with… five brothers-in-law!?

“Do you understand? It is only men in this house.”

Daily life under one roof becomes a series of heart-pounds!?

The big hit feature phone game, 恋人は同居人, has returned!

It’s official! 恋人は同居人 will be getting an Android/iOS port!

Like with some previous released Android/iOS ported games, including 天下統一★恋の乱 and ルームシェア★素顔のカレ, 恋人は同居人 is a game that has been cancelled on its original platform. Whether or not the port means that the story will be continued from where it left off in the original is unknown, especially since it looks like the GREE version had been cancelled for some time before getting shut down with others in November, but I’m having hopes that the “has returned” part makes it so! I DEMAND WEDDINGS!

The obtainable cast include (don’t quote me on the character descriptions):

    • Saionji Masaki (17), intellectual x cool, Masaya’s twin (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
    • Saionji Masaya (17), oresama tsundere, Masaki’s twin  (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
    • Saionji Yuji (20), refreshing prince, pure and friendly (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
    • Saionji Shun (14), vain but can’t be left alone (so far hasn’t been advertised as having a route yet)
    • Saionji Shuichi (24), mature x tolerant (CV: Hatano Wataru)
    • Midou Kaname (24), a perfect butler, butler of the Saionji family (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)

If I am correct, then unlike previous releases, the second character will be skipped and the first and third characters will be available upon release, which will be Masaki and Yuji. Masaya’s Main Story will be released in mid January.

You hear that? That’s the sound of mE SCREAMING! Of all the Voltage games I’ve been waiting to play, this was the one I have been waiting the longest for (since before 2012)! But of course, it’s only available through Japanese feature phones, and having looked up how to get/use them (and failed), it was too much of a hassle (must be resident of Japan, monthly pricing, etc…. basically you had to have a contact in Japan to buy and pay for the phone for you or something), so I just had to sit and hope that we’d get a port of it. AND HALLELUJAH! One step closer to playing it in English!

The art style is different, though. I never found out who the illustrator was, though it’s possible that it’s the same illustrator now and they’ve changed their art style since the cancellation of the game. Either way, I have the fanbook to stare at the old pretty art and, hopefully, the game’s new art doesn’t disappoint!

It is set to be released on or around January 14th.

Watch the OP below!

Video translations from Riichany (go thank her!):

“My mother is getting remarried to a multimillionaire”

“Now I have 5 siblings!?”

“A new life full of worries…”

“Don’t tell me that you are gonna walk to school?”

“But, since he is here for me…”

“Leave everything to me and I will lead you, therefore…”

“I wonder if we look like real siblings?”

“I have never considered you as my younger sister so…”

Update 1/7/15: Very late update, but anyways! It looks like the game will have voices! The same cast from the drama CD’s will be returning to play their respective roles in the game (except for Shun). I’ve added them to the descriptions above. I’m not exactly sure how to get to the voices just yet, though, as it looks like there might be conditions to get to it. I’ll update again once I can get that confirmed.

Update 1/8/15: About the voices, it looks like they are only very partially voiced. It doesn’t look like they have more than a couple of lines, and they are only available in the Epilogues. According to Riichany, who has provided a bit more translations (which I have used to edit the descriptions above), the voices will only be available for a limited time.

December 28, 2014
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