Upcoming Battles (Oct 20 – Oct 26)

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★ New Event:『Unbreakable Bond ‧ Water』
Time: Oct 20 (Tue) – Nov 2 (Sun)
When the core rises, cyborgs and their companions shall mark the age of armors.

★ Soulmaster Stage『Astral Thunderbolt』
Time: Oct 25 (Sat)
The overlord of the pantheon condescends with thunder!
* One-day exclusive battle
Important: To enter this Stage, 2 or more Grandmaster levels of 『12 Zodiacs – Chapter 1』 must be cleared.

★ Special Event:『The Hidden Force』
Time: Oct 18 (Sat) – Oct 22 (Wed)
Arouse the hidden force, to expose their fate.
*One-off Stage

★ New Event:『Habitat of the Beasts』
Time: Oct 13 (Mon) – Oct 26 (Sun)

★ New Event:『Habitat of Ancient Beasts』
Time: Oct 6 (Mon) – Oct 26 (Sun)

★ The Return of 『Way to Ruthlessness』 in guild-exclusive “Black Hole”
Time:Oct 13 (Mon) – Nov 16 (Sun)
During the event period, 『Way to Ruthlessness』 is reopened in the guild-exclusive “Black Hole”!

Points to note:
1. “Black Keys” x8 will be consumed for each entrance to the stage. Each Summoner can enter the stage ONCE per day.
2. When the stage is cleared for the first time during the event period, “Harpy” x1 will be awarded.
3. All Soulstones in the stage will be automatically transformed into Great Soulstones.

★ New Event:『Path of Atavism』
Time: Sep 22 (Mon) – Oct 26 (Sun)
Another fight between the beasts shall begin. Get up in arms for a fight back!

From Sep 22 (Mon), accumulated rewards will be given for Summoners’ courage when specified rounds are cleared!

The accumulated rewards for clearing specific rounds are as follows:
cleared the 11th round – Friend List capacity +5
cleared the 15th round – “Dark Prime Soulstone” x1
cleared the 18th round – “Harpy” x1

*The rewards for clearing each specific round will be given ONCE only. Summoners will NOT receive the rewards twice when the specific rounds are cleared again.
Example 1: If you clear the 11th round on Sep 22 (Mon), you will receive “Friend List capacity +5″. If you clear the 11th round again on Sep 23 (Tue) or later, you will NOT receive “Friend List capacity +5″ again.
Example 2: If you clear the 15th round on Sep 22 (Mon), you will earn “Friend List capacity +5″ AND “Dark Prime Soulstone” x1 (accumulated rewards for 11th + 15th rounds); if you clear the 18th round on Sep 23 (Tue), you will earn “Harpy” x1 on the day (accumulated reward for 18th round), but will NOT earn the rewards for clearing the 11th and 15th rounds again.

★ Permanent Event:『The Water Soul’s Blessing』
Time: Oct 20 (Mon) – Oct 26 (Sun)

October 21, 2014
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