Truant Pixel Teases Nintendo Switch Physical Release For Akash: Path of the Five

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On July 8th, the official Truant Pixel Twitter account posted a video showing the game Akash: Path of the Five being played on a Nintendo Switch at Anime Expo.

“We’d like to do a physical release, but we need to get the word out. Retweet if you’re interested!”

While the Switch port is still in development, the game was officially released on June 25th for the PlayStation 4. It was originally also to be released on the PlayStation Vita until it was cancelled earlier this year.

Want to see a physical Switch release for Akash? Retweet and let Truant Pixel know!

Akash: Path of the Five is an English otome game developed and released by Truant Pixel.

Players will assume the role of Aurora, a member of a fantasy race known as the Al’wan, or elementals. For nearly a millenia, the number of elemental girls born has dwindled over the generations, forcing them to interbreed with humans to save their race from extinction.

As the first elemental girl the village of Akash has seen in over 200 years, all eyes are on Aurora while she prepares for her Coming of Age Ceremony. Tensions between her home village and a neighboring village of humans boil over, threatening an all-out war. Players will have the opportunity to cultivate a romance with one of her five classmates, navigate the conflict between the two races, and plan the greatest Coming of Age Ceremony the village of Akash has seen in two centuries.

Game features include

  • 7,000+ lines of dialogue voiced by a veteran cast: Morgan Berry, SungWon Cho, Ray Chase, Andrew Love, Chris Patton, Brandon McInnis and more.
  • Over 70 collectible CGs.
  • 6 potential love interests.
  • Up to 25 possible endings.
  • An original orchestral score by Fat Bard.
  • Hi-res character art and stylized 3-D environments presented at native 1080p on PlayStation®4, with an enhanced 4K presentation on PlayStation®4 Pro.

Akash: Path of the Five is available for purchase on the PlayStation Store as a standard edition for $26.99 USD and a Deluxe Edition Bundle for $27.99 USD that includes the soundtrack, the Verdant Field Dynamic Theme, and eight premium avatars.

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July 10, 2019
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