Tango Down! League of Legends Among Those Attacked

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It's a Hack!

Earlier today, League of Legends, among other games and sites (Dota 2, Club Penguin, Battle.net, EA.com) were down for most of the day. A group named as DERP on Twitter took credit for the DDoS attacks (as in yes, it was really them).


The group reached out to streamer PhantomL0rd and warned him that if he lost a game in Dota, they would take down the servers. He lost and… well…

A similar situation with Club Penguin when they told him to play it. As for now, the NA servers of League of Legends are on, though many people, myself included, don’t have our friends’ list anymore. All friends are at 0 and the chat rooms are down. Other games and sites affected are now running up again. The League of Legends forums are currently down as well. Riot Games and others affected have yet to respond with a statement (which would be nice…). The group might not be targeting the games specifically, but the Twitch live streamer himself. (Why are WE to suffer? q_q) He started playing League, then it went down. After that, he went onto DOTA 2 and THAT went down. Same with Club Penguin.

LoL Forums Down


If this happens again tomorrow, then it’s for the best. You should be with your family waiting for the new year anyway! Okay, maybe not in the daytime. We would be stuck with so many movies, TV shows and offline games sitting in front of our screens. Waiting. To. Be. Viewed. And. Played. Meanwhile I’ll sit back and drink some hot chocolate in this freezing weather.


Also, DERP might be planning another cyber attack.

Please don’t let it be a good game, oh please no.



World of Tanks seems to be going down for some people.

**PhantomL0rd is currently recalling the cops visiting his home and investigating his case on his Twitch. He was handcuffed and questioned. His home was searched, guns pointed at him. They were told he was holding five people hostage. Wouldn’t be surprised if he led on the group DERP at first by making them shut down various games and then getting ad revenue $$ on his Twitch? Nah….. hmm… This is getting too out of hand anyway. He’s been getting various calls from viewers;

*As I watch his stream now, he got a call from a cop, telling him he was receiving another threat. Sheesh people, calm down with your threats!

*He was told that all this was a test. There might be a major attack later. What will it be??

*December 31, 2013: Eve Online & EveOnline.com, APB Reloaded, GamersFirst.com, Guild Wars 2 & GuildWars2.com were attacked today. Some of them are still currently down.

December 30, 2013
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