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The Heroes

Ace, The Pride of Tempra

Lore: Ace is from Tempra, where he gained his strength and notoriety fighting the wild beasts of the frozen ice mountains. In his hometown, he is a living legend (but nowhere more so than in his own mind). Ace’s cocky demeanor and hard-hitting ice fists have gained him a reputation as “The Pride of Tempra”. Now he fights in the trials, hoping to add more trophies to his mantle.

Bastion, The Golden Child

Bastion was a slave boy in the Plane of Gael until, in a chance meeting, the mystical Parlance of the Keeper LexiKhan revealed to him his prophetic destiny. That night, he escaped imprisonment with the help of a mystical Zidek dragon named Xander. Now Bastion and Xander fight in the Trials, helping to raise up the Army of Light and warning others of the coming darkness.

Blazer, The Scout of the Stars

Blaise Starpixie was a space sprite who roamed the spaceways of Nestra, tending to the ethereal winds of deep space. One day she was caught in the tail of a passing comet and the freezing gas damaged her body, badly freeze-burning her skin and heavily damaging her wings. She floated listlessly for a very long time, unable to recover and on the edge of consciousness. Eventually, some deep space dock workers discovered her near-lifeless body and took pity on her. They outfitted her with spare components from the space docks and nearby battle ships in hopes to preserve her life.

And preserve her they did! But the magic within Blaise melded with the computer technology and battle-centric A.I. of the weaponized components of her new suit and an aggressive, mechanized space sprite named Blazer was born! Now Blazer fights for the future of Strife in the Trials.

Bo, A Traveler on a Journey

Bo is from an ancient race of Lyrie longhorns called The Ryu-Bo. Long ago seeing the error in their savagery and explosive tempers, the Ryu-Bo have spent many years meditating upon peace and order within and without. One of the few warriors that has emerged from the now gentle race, Bo has entered the trials in order to teach others how to have inner peace amidst great trials. But, the frenzy of the Trials has often gotten the best of him, turning this teacher of peace into a raging inferno, leaving devastation in his path!

Caprice, The Pirate Queen of Lyrie

Caprice is a pirate Queen from the Plane of Lyrie. She spent her youth sailing the seas on her father's naval vessel. When she came of age, she set out on her own to make a name for herself. Much to her father's disapproval, she chose piracy as her calling and systematically dismantled her dear old daddy's naval fleet. No name is more feared or infamous in Lyrie than that of Caprice the Pirate Queen!

Carter, Goblins of Ambition

Misfit are pyromaniac goblin brothers from Strife with a penchant for blowing up anything they come into contact with. As with most brothers that are close in age, they are nigh inseparable and constantly fighting with one another. Assuming one is not afraid of dying in an explosion, observing the trio in their chaotic dance of fireworks, gunpowder, and sibling rivalry can be quite amusing... from a safe distance of course.

Claudessa, The Wounded Warrior

Claudessa was the first female member of the Knights of Claudus in Gael, an order of knights who prided themselves on being the first line of defense against dragon attacks (a rare but dire occurrence in northern Gael). She lost an arm slaying Silvertongue and now has the magical dragon's claw on a staff as her primary weapon.

Fetterstone, Haunted Gunslinger of Gael

Lorne was a miner dwarf in the gem mines of Fetterstone Mountain in the northern reaches of Gael, in the mountain range known as Dwarf Rock. He was a simple miner, never longing for adventure or a life outside of the mines. But gems were his weakness, and he often yearned for more, many more in fact, than he had.

On a fateful day, Lorne entered into a small unexplored cavern in the mine and a glimmer caught his eye. He unearthed two mysterious weapons infused with dazzling gems. Astonishingly, they spoke to Lorne in a mental whisper. "Take us. We are yours. This is your destiny." The lure of the gems was unrelenting. Lorne took up the weapons, called Glimmer and Glint, and left the mines.

Some weeks later, news of a gunslinging dwarf with mystical powers began to surface in northern Gael. Those who told the tales said the gunslinger called himself Fetterstone, after the mines of dwarf Rock, and that he executed lethal justice upon any he deemed to be evildoers. Some even said he was a haunted soul, fallen deep under the influence of some vengeful spirit, with magical weapons that held him spellbound to their dark will.

Hale: Outcast, Survivor

Hale, swordsman of the wastes, hails from a mysterious tribe of Elves – the Kenar-Ahdam – that eke out an existence in the ruins of Strife where they have been effectively exiled to by the other races of Gael as a result of suspicions that they are half-Dharkwave/half-Elf. As perpetual outcasts, the Kenar-Ahdam have remained largely isolated from the worlds around them and have preserved many of their old customs including Rhen-Dhit wherein the second son of the family is sent off to find fortune on their own so as not to challenge the first son for inheritance. Hale, second son of Mhernad, ventured forth to join in the Trials of Strife in order to win himself a place within his tribe, and his tribe a place amongst the rest of the races of the planes.

Harrower, Hunter of the Grendlefang

Lore TBA

Lady Tinder, Protector of the Green Leaf

Tinder is a majestic forest faerie from Gael. She has long been the sworn protector of a sacred patch of forest called “The Green Leaf” where it is believed all forest life began. Tinder is gentle and supportive, but she also has a fierce aspect to her nature which emerges when her allies are threatened. Along with her serpentine forest pet, Petals, Tinder is a formidable warrior in the Trials.

Malady, The Lady Fairhand

Malady is a ruthless sky queen from a floating realm in the expanse of Nestra. She is accustomed to getting her way and will use whatever means are necessary to achieve her often ruthless ambitions. She is entitled, aloof, and quite deadly. Wielding the astral weather forces of Nestra, she storms in and leaves carnage in her wake. Few can stand before her royal fury.

Minerva, Myliobatoid-66-11-15

Minerva is from the mysterious plane known as Vorbis. Little is known about her or her kind, but it is clear that she is one of the deadliest warriors to ever set foot in the Trials. Her personality is electric and her resolve is unshakable. She emerged from Vorbis seeking a sacred item. Thus she entered the Trials in hopes that one of the valiant warriors there might be able to lead her to it.

Moxie, "The Cosmic Defender"

Moxie is a Lightning Cat from the sky realm of Nestra. He was born with the sacred lightning emblem on his chest, the prophetic symbol of the long-awaited savior of Nestra. Therefore, his people named him “The Mach Z,” according to legend. But, Moxie has shunned his savior heritage in preference of a quiet, restful life. To ultimately escape from his people, and their overbearing expectations of heroics and feats of greatness, Moxie has entered the Trials of Strife. There, snuggled up with his lightning yarn ball, he hopes to find refuge from his prophetic heritage (and hopefully get in a nap or two).

Ray, Inventor Extraordinaire

Ray is from the animal kingdom of Lyrie. As a young Caterwaul, Blip “Ray” Radius found he had a knack for invention. Using scraps, he built everything from shelters and furniture to fully-functional robots and speed racers. Ray then turned his talent into profit by building defensive mechanisms and weaponry, and selling them to the warring tribes of Lyrie. When that, however, didn’t prove enough of a challenge for his overactive brain, Ray set out for the Trials, seeking greater conquests among the heroes of the Planes.

Rook, The Hero of Khr'ystall

Rook is an elven archer from the forests of Gael. Seemingly coming from nowhere, he surfaced mysteriously from the forest during the elves’ darkest hour and led them on a successful campaign against the men of the east and west kingdoms, securing their liberty and becoming a living legend amongst the elven tribes. So much so, that some say he is not an elf at all, but an avenging spirit born out of the dark reaches of the forest itself.

Shank, Dangerous Fugitive

Shank was a lone soul. Roving the hills of Strife, he slowly grew insane. Because of his lunatic outbursts and insane behavior, he began to grow troublesome to the four cities of Strife, and many times they attempted to imprison him. But he somehow forged a magic key (some say through supernatural insights afforded to him by his own insanity) and always escaped from his captors. He converted his prison shackle ball into a crude ally, naming it "Clunk," and went on further rampages. Shank used his magic key to enter through the gates of the Strife Arena and now fights in the trials. Apparently because he has very little else to do.

Trixie, Maverick Mage

Born into a coven of witches that inhabited the Western Swamps of Lyrie to avoid persecution at the hands of the Osirian Navy, Trixie exhibited an exceptional affinity for magic from birth. Tragically, her traditional training was cut short when a surprise raid by the Osirian Navy led to the coven’s lair being set alight with all of them trapped inside. Trixie, who was nearby experimenting with spells she shouldn’t have been, managed to avoid that terrible fate by riding away on the hobby horse broom - named Tempest - that her Mom had made to keep her occupied. Alone, distraught, and scared, Trixie happened upon a lone Rafink gunslinger who was laying low in jungle. The two struck up a friendship born of their shared hatred of the occupiers from Gael and under the Rafink’s tutelage, Trixie learned the skills that would earn her the title of “fastest wand in the West(ern Swamps)” and pave her path to the Trials of Strife.

Vermillion, The Bounty Hunter

Vermillion is a bounty hunter from the jungles of Lyrie. A resourceful loner, the vermin has a reputation of having “killed a million renegades.” He plays by his own rules - namely, half up front. Using his sharp-shooting skills and his trusty shoulder cannon, Vermillion is quickly becoming one of the deadliest participants in the Trials.

Vex, Vexus-3-3-1

Vexus 3-3-1 has a past shrouded in mystery. It is believed he originated from the mysterious cybernetic plane called Vorbis. Little else is known about Vex except for his strength in combat and his cold, calculating mentality. Vex has one overriding directive: to seek and destroy; and it plays out gloriously and mercilessly on the field of battle.

The Good

You can add your own recipes to items! At level four (account level) you will unlock Crafting, where you can change the components of any item in the game (excluding boots) to fit your heroes or playstyle. Example: Changing an item to have more health than mana. It’s a really great way to customize each player’s gameplay. Below is a video with a much better explanation.

If you play DOTA 2 then you understand the importance of a courier. While in lane, you can buy items you need and have the courier bring them to you. There’s no need at all to go to your base. The best part? These couriers can’t be killed.

Pets act as your summoner spells. When you first play Strife, you get to choose from three pets to aid you during your game. You can also feed your pet to make it stronger.

Beginning spell – Inspiration: Activate to regenerate mana.



Mystik Evolve
Beginning spell – Rejuvenate: Activate to restore health.



Tortus Evolve
Beginning spell – Breakout: Remove Crowd Control effects.



Pincer Evolve
Shared Gold
A huge plus for support players. You won’t fall behind supporting your lane buddy because you receive a meager amount of gold. You both share the gold even if you don’t do the last hitting. Simple!
Simplicity: Part One
This might be considered a con to many veteran MOBA players. This game is as simple as a MOBA can get. A small map, an automatic courier you don’t have to buy, an easy learning curve with tutorials, fast games, free hero pool, and much more. This is perfect for those just starting out in the MOBA world. Tell your friends!
Not A Copy
Strife strives (uhhh.. hmm) in being its own MOBA. It’s not trying to be League of Legends, or DOTA 2 or Smite, etc. It has its own single player tutorials in which you can learn more about the game and its story. Each hero has their own lore, although small, but with great insight on the overall story of the game.
Vivid colors on the map is one of the best things on this game. While not on par with DOTA 2’s depth or the like, the rich colors give the map, especially the jungle, life.
Below is a great introductory video for those who are still on the fence about this game.

The Bad
The cons are a bit one-sided, as the game is still in beta. Just look at this as something we wish will be implemented more in further updates of the game.
While the jungle is visually a plus, there are no dedicated junglers. Why? First off, the map is smaller in comparison with other MOBAs, meaning it’s easier for other laners to gank. If you’re in mid lane and want to gank bot, it won’t take you long to get there. Then there’s gold sharing. It’s much more beneficial to share a lane than to farm in the jungle gold-wise. So who goes where? The meta so far is: one top, duo mid and duo bot. Although duo top instead of bot are also viable options. So is this really a con? It might be for those who love jungling, which this game doesn’t really need. And once again, it adds to the simplicity of Strife.
Simplicity: Part Two
As I previously stated, Strife is simple and great for beginners. Have you been wanting to make your friend(s) play MOBAs with you? Start ’em off with Strife. How’s that bad? Although there’s a clear target audience, there’s still many veteran players from League of Legends, DOTA 2, etc. who want to try new and challenging MOBAs. I wouldn’t recommend Strife if challenge is in your mind. What if I just want to have fun? Then you’ve come to the right game.
The Verdict: Strife is a fast paced MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game with its unique spin. S2 Games is doing its best to stray away from the usual MOBA formula, however, it still has more room to improve before it officially goes live.
Want to join Strife?
The open beta is now live, all you need to do is create an account here and download the game. Happy farming!

September 16, 2014
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