So, about that info post . . . .

Update: For those looking for information about the Valentine’s Event, I made a new post: Be My Princess for GREE ~Valentine’s Day Event Info~.



Ignoring Elu’s related search terms, it looks like a lot of traffic is coming here for the Be My Princess Valentine’s Day Event . . . .

And I have to say, I am SO sorry for the delay!


I still plan to post it, but I’ve been pretty busy and don’t have as much time as I had before because of real life and the event itself. It looks like I won’t be able to finish all the routes, but I’ll try to get what I can before the event ends.

Which brings me to ask:

Would anyone want me to post a summary of each of the routes? Or at least as far in the routes as I can get? This is in case there are people who didn’t get the chance to do a route because they ran out of time or something and would still like to know what happens in those routes and how they end. Of course, I’ll have to post it after the end of the event to avoid people reading spoilers. They WON’T be reviews, since I won’t be adding in my thoughts or anything. They will just pretty much be a short, text, pictureless version of the route. Typing everything word for word would just be too much OTL . I can’t guarantee that they’ll all be posted immediately after the end of the event, but I do hope to post them. If it turns out not to be too much trouble, I might be able to do the same for some past events and for future events. As for past events, again, I haven’t been able to finish them all, so I’ll only be able to post what I’ve completed and gathered.

Anyways, time is going to be more strained for me very soon, and I’m doing the best I can! So if you’re waiting for the info post, please have more patience!

February 7, 2013
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