SMITE Voice Pack & Emote Sale Weekend

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Every voice pack and emote is 50% off this weekend! From May 29 through the 31st (Sunday), the sales will go live for Xbox and PC. Additionally, two special Match of the Day queues that were voted by you, the community, will be featured, on Saturday and Sunday. More information from the official announcement below.
From Friday May 29th – Sunday May 31st, all voice packs and emotes are 50% off for both the Xbox and PC!

We’re also having two special Match of the Day types on Saturday and Sunday that were voted on by the community:

Fear the Sky – 05/30/15
Submitted by: spiderlover034
Take to the skies as Ao Kuang, Apollo, Arachne, Freya, Rama, Thanatos and Thor. Fly above the sands of the arena to prove who will truly owns the sky!

Cooldown Reduction: 80%
Starting Level: 5
Infinite Mana

Blind Assault – 05/31/15
Submitted by: EiyuuOu
Get your dream team in Asgard – no randoms, no repeats!
*PC Only

May 29, 2015
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