SKT T1 Beats GET To Represent LCK At MSI

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SK Telecom T1 beat out GE Tigers 3-0 to represent LCK on next week’s MSI. The third and final game lasted 52:11 minutes, with SK T1 at over a 10k gold advantage and 25-14 kills. With five dragons and two barons under their belt, SKT T1 made sure GET had no way out of their imminent third loss. Below are the results from the final game for the winning team.

SKT Marin
Rumble – 4/3/12

SKT Eazyhoon
Cassiopeia – 9/1/10

SKT Bang
Urgot – 4/4/12

SKT Wolf
Thresh – 4/2/12

Sejuani – 4/5/11

Jane Moody
GET’s flashy entrance wasn’t enough to give them the win.

The MSI commences this coming week, with Primetime League starting things off on Wednesday at 6PM (US Central). Full schedule below, based on US Central Time.

Thursday, May 7

MSI Group Stage – Day 1 Coverage Begins – 3:00 PM

Fnatic vs Team SoloMid – 3:30 PM

Beskitas e-Sports Club vs SKT T1 – 4:30 PM

Edward Gaming vs AHQ e-Sports Club – 5:30 PM

Beskitas e-Sports Club vs Team SoloMid – 6:30 PM

Fnatic vs AHQ e-Sports Club – 7:30 PM

SKT T1 vs Edward Gaming – 8:30 PM

Beskitas e-Sports Club vs AHQ e-Sports Club – 9:30 PM

SKT T1 vs Team SoloMid – 10:30 PM
Friday, May 8

MSI Group Stage – Day 2 Coverage Begins – 3:00 PM

Edward Gaming vs Fnatic – 3:30 PM

Team SoloMid vs AHQ e-Sports Club – 4:30 PM

Edward Gaming vs Beskitas e-Sports Club – 5:30 PM

SKT T1 vs Fnatic – 6:30 PM

Team SoloMid vs Edward Gaming – 7:30 PM

Fnatic vs Beskitas e-Sports Club – 8:30 PM

AHQ e-Sports Club vs SKT T1 – 9:30 PM
Saturday, May 9

MSI KNOCKOUT – SEMIFINALS Coverage Begins – 3:00 PM

TBA vs TBA – 3:30 PM

TBA vs TBA – 5:30 PM (Rebroadcast at 2:00 AM)
Sunday, May 10

MSI KNOCKOUT – FINALS Coverage Begins – 4:00 PM

MSI Knockout – Finals – 4:30 PM (Rebroadcast May 11 at 2:00 AM)

May 2, 2015
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