Nemesis Draft Mode Now Live!

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We’ve just cranked open the Featured Game Mode workshop and rolled out the team’s latest creation! This time, you’re picking your ENEMIES’ champions before making the most of the champs and comps they pick out for you. Here are the main points:

  • You pick out your enemy team.
  • The champions you pick for your enemies will comprise your team’s combined champion pool.
  • Battle Boosts are back!

Here are some details presented in handy Q&A form! Yay!

So Riot, I pick the champin the other team uses? I can give them champs like… Urgot?
Yep, and they can reply with Poppy! But champ select is only a tiny part of a game of League – the rest is all about kicking butt on Summoner’s Rift!

Oh. Yeah that makes sense.
Mmhmm. So once you’ve figured out who on your team’s playing who, you’ll need to figure out how exactly you’ll win your game. Maybe you’ve got Blitz, Thresh, Janna, Nami, and Poppy. Sweet – stick Thresh and Blitz together for those ludicrous end of days lantern grabs, set Poppy loose in the jungle, and try out Nami top and Janna mid? Or whatever – it doesn’t matter. The point is you’ll have a bunch of tools to use together, and it’s down to you to figure out if you can chisel out a masterpiece with what you’re given, or just derp around the Rift until your Nexus goes boom.

So can I counter… counter pick…?
Yep! Maybe you’ll be Nemesis Drafting away, and discover that you’re being given some pocket siege comp by accident. Instead of just giving your enemies champs that you just think are weak, why not deliberately give ‘em characters who clear waves slower than a manaless level 1 Swain? Again, it’s up to you.

Huh. How does champion select work?
Excellent question – couldn’t have worded it better myself. In Nemesis Draft, everyone picks a champion for the opposing team, and each team gives their opponents champions from their team’s combined champion pool. For example, if you’re blue side, and only Dave on your team has Nidalee, anyone on your team can give any of the red team guys the crazy cat lady, even if none of them own her. Does that make sense? I think that makes sense.

Okay, but what about dodgers? DO YOU HAVE A PLAN HERE, MR. RIOT?!
Of course! Wouldn’t have added this question into an FAQ if we didn’t, duh. Queue dodgers and game leavers might play (or er, start to play) Nemesis Draft, too, so to make sure those of you who legitimately want to play the mode get to actually do so, we’re dialling up the queue dodge and game leaver penalties. Check out this post for details on how our detection system, cunningly named LeaverBuster, works! Spoilers: it can detect if you just disconnected because your ISP hates you, which is nice.

We also wanted to reward the summoners who play the mode properly, so we’ll be sending out a fancy summoner icon to all Nemesis Draft players who play the mode without quitting during champion select or the actual game!

I know right?! Oh, and speaking of which, it won’t actually hit your account until up to two weeks after Nemesis Draft closes shop. Something something manually applied something takes time something patience.

Anything else we should know?
YEP. We’re locking Battle Boosts into Nemesis Draft! Stick 125 RP down and you’ll find yourself 200 IP richer while your teammates get 100 IP for basically being in your team, and ALL of you’ll unlock access to all the currently available skins for the champion they select are given! Enemy team gives you Veigar? HIT THEM BACK WITH FINAL BOSS VEIGAR AND CACKLE YOUR WAY TO VICTORY. That’ll learn ‘em.

Okay. Cool. So when does this mode end?
We’ll wrap Nemesis Draft up on February 23, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to find your way around a whole bunch of new champs and comps!”

February 12, 2015
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