[My Last First Kiss] Ayato Hidaka Main Story Guide

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Note: These answers are guaranteed to get the arrow to reach the far right of the Love Meter and give you the Happy Ending. To get the Good Ending, make selections other than the ones written here. If a guide is needed for the Good Ending, let me know and I’ll add it.

Episode 1
B: Why would I be embarassed?
B: Act casual.

Episode 2
C: Are you enjoying yourself, Hiro?
C: But how do I find a lover?”

Episode 3
A: Apologize.
A: We’re just pretending, right?

Episode 4
A: That’s a secret.
C: I’ll try my best.

Episode 5
A: I was just lying to seem impressive.
A: Shove him off.

Episode 6
B: Give it a try.
C: Why don’t you take some, Saori?

Episode 7
A: If Ayato’s not coming, let’s go home.
A: It was fun!

Episode 8
A: That’s all there is to it.
A: So you’ve finally realized that?

Episode 9
A: Tell him nothing happened with Hiro.
A: You’re right, the real deal is better.

Episode 10
B: Actually, I guess you can take me home.
A: I don’t know.

Episode 11
C: Do you really think so?
B: A light bulb burned out at my place.

Episode 12
A: I don’t mind if you keep it.
A: I’m past my first love.

September 2, 2015
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