My Forged Wedding: PARTY New Event: Halloween Love Panic!

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Update: For those looking for information about this event, I made a new post: My Forged Wedding: PARTY ~Halloween Love Panic! Event Info~.

New event coming this month! Also remember that this event is part of the Perfect Clear Bonus!

Here’s what I know so far:

  • Yamato, Ren, Saeki, and Kunihiko will be available.
  • They will each have four stages.
  • Each stage will have five episodes.
  • They will each have two endings: A Normal End and a Happy End.
  • If you complete both Normal and Happy Ends, you will receive an Epilogue for that respective character.

I still don’t know much, but I wouldn’t put it past Voltage Inc. to begin the event very soon after the current Candy House Reform Campaign ends. I’ll update again if I get more before it starts, but I have a feeling it’ll be released before I get the chance to.

The Candy House Reform Campaign only has a few more hours before it ends, but it’s not too early to save up for the Halloweeen event!

Happy playing!

October 9, 2014
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