Monster of Eden: “The Killing” Series Finale Review

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    Once in a while there’s a show that’s levels above many others of the same genre but struggles to garner high viewership ratings. Then after a season or two, or even in the middle of the first season being aired, it will get the axe.

The Killing, unfortunately, is one of those shows. Not only did it get axed once, but twice. The first time around was after its second season, where it failed to win back the audience that left after its first season. Reason being? The murder mystery wasn’t resolved on the last episode of the first season; it carried over to the second season where in its finale we finally found out who killed Rosie Larsen. However, by this time, many viewers had stopped watching it because they felt the murder should have been solved in season one. But was the wait worth it? The jaw-dropping twist definitely made it so. AMC and Fox Studios then revived the show for a third season, which consisted of 12 new episodes and a new storyline. Although its third season was stunning and well received by critics, it still wasn’t enough to save it. AMC cancelled it on September 10, 2013 and fans figured that was the last nail in the coffin. Then comes Netflix, sweeping in and reviving it for its finale season, consisting of 6 episodes and exclusive streaming.



The Killing 8

The Killing 1

Joan Allen as Colonel Margaret Rayne

Season four continues where season 3 ended, after Linden shot and killed Skinner (Elias Koteas), who was revealed to be the Pied Piper. In this season, both Linden and Holder face struggles of what they did and the uncertainty of getting caught; either way, the consequences would surely destroy their lives. Meanwhile, they’ve been assigned a new case, in which a family was brutally shot to death in their own home. The son, Kyle, who is still alive after a shot to the head, a prime suspect. Kyle is a cadet at St. Georges Military Academy, led by Colonel Margaret Rayne (pictured above), in which most of the season takes place.

Tyler Ross as Kyle Stansbury

Tyler Ross as Kyle Stansbury

Throughout the six episodes, the show toggles between Linden and Holder’s emotional toll after season 3 and uncovering secrets of the slain family in order to solve the murders.

The Killing 4

Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden

Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden

What unravels in front of us is a ripple of emotional and Emmy-worthy performances by the ensemble cast. Like previous seasons, we get another mind-blowing who-done-it cat and mouse game that’s resolved in the first half of the final episode. The second half plays out a satisfying resolution to Linden and Holder’s arc. Every fan of the show will agree and praise the chemistry between the two leads throughout the series and embrace this chapter’s conclusion. Not to mention how great last season tied into this season, with the murdered girls finally getting laid to rest.

Joel Kinnaman as Stephen Holder

Joel Kinnaman as Stephen Holder

Emmy voters have always ignored this show, especially season 3, which had brilliant acting from Mireille Enos and Peter Sarsgaard. Now that Netflix is gaining momentum with Emmy nominations (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards), The Killing might have a shot at finally going out with a bang (no pun intended) come award season. Although we would love more seasons, or at least a fifth, the last few minutes of the finale were a perfect send off to a great show.

The Killing 5
You can watch all four seasons of The Killing on Netflix.

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August 2, 2014
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