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An otome post coming from Kuroazu!!!???? ∑(;°Д°)

Alright, jokes aside… I do play otome games, but probably not as often as fellow writers Shabby or Edaprobably because of my reluctance to spend money for games hurr hurr

I decided to play this game after seeing it several times on tumblr and google play. So basically, this post will be my thoughts and first impression of the game to me. And now, let’s jump to the world of hot dudes~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


You, a commoner, have now become princess of an entire country!
The role of “princess” is to find the prince who will rule beside her.
You can only pick one king.
Who will be the next king of Wysteria?!
“As long as you’re with me, I’ll never let anything harm you.”
A secret oath between you and the captain of the guard.
“Look me in the eyes…”
“Speak your desire and consider it done.”
A fateful romance with a mysterious duke.
The clamor of the clock ringing midnight does nothing to wake you from this sweet spell.

You Are the Princess, Who Will You Choose As Your Prince?


Our main character is a tutor who came to the palace to search for a mythical flower that supposedly only grows in the inner courtyard of the palace that could grant any wishes, a request from one of her student who wishes for her sick mother’s health. No commoner is allowed inside the castle but today’s an exception since today is the day where a princess elect is chosen!

Anyway, for some reason, she got chosen as the princess elect and bam! She now has to work hard to fullfill the role and find her prince elect~ ≖‿≖

There are only 3 characters available for now and more to come in future updates~


Believe me when I said Sid is waaaay more attractive. But don’t worry Louis, you are soooo adorable!


Leo is waaaaaaaaaay hotter (●´□`)♡ Gosh… who could resist a white haired dude with red eyes and an ore-sama personality???? I mean that’s my thang! ((ex. Prussia <3)) He is the typical OTP of the game, but sadly, the fact that he ‘MC is a liar, doesn’t trust MC’ kinda ticks me off at the prologue b/c it gets annoying…


His personality sure is attractive, but his actions in the prologue just gives me a bad impression of him


Other (to be available) characters include:

See? Ain’t he hot XD

King of Stein, enemy country of Wysteria… Not much known about him except that he’s attractive~ amirite ≖‿≖

Our cute and sweet shota butler!

I think he’s supposed to be the hot GGE ((well.. maybe not idk :P)) which we can romance since he used to tutor MC as a kid??? Like how old can that guy be?

Well you have to admit that he is more attractive than Louis rite? hehe Louis is so sweet though… But I think Louis is a bit of a Kuudere? Ahhh such a shame that he hardly dere it up to the MC.. :P

Loyal servant of Byron. Hot.

 Azu’s Corner

Because of how Louis’ dere-ness and Leo’s unavailability, I decided to pick his route (plus, most picked either Alyn and Giles at top spot).

Anyway, most of the characters here are interesting. (Plus so far, the game had me going (/∇\)( /)u( )(。・//ε//・。)(/ω\) all the time) And I like the art of it except for the no eyes MC thing??? lololol Although as I mentioned, Alyn’s “I can’t believe you tricked me”, Louis’ “You don’t deserve to be the princess” and Giles’ pushiness running joke, really ticks me off. But overall they have their own charms and is worth a try. Aside from that, tbh… those 2 problems didn’t bother me as much. But the level of intellegence that the MC has just… baffles me. Most of the time, she just has to be surprised when something is too obvious. Like, a lot of things doesn’t make any sense, at all. For example, she is surprised that she must act gracefully in public because she’s now a princess???? And another thing is that she’s alright with guys touching her chin, whispering to her and all that. She isn’t even worried about her family that she left behind when she became princess. She’s just like, ok starting from now im a princess and i have to do princess duties. And when Nico asked her about her past life before this, she’s like oh! my student! Not her family? Friends? House? Anything?

Alright, maybe it’s just the qualities of an otome game. Or, this is how an otome game is supposed to be. Or maybe it’s because I’m not used to playing otoge? But a lot of things just isn’t logical to me. Sure I’ve played BMP before and all that but I don’t know, this one is just too ????? to me….


I will hopefully finish playing Louis’ route because in fact, I have only finished 1 route (Arima’s route) in my entire time playing the “Gree” styled (idk what to call it) otoge. I did played BMP before but those requirements are sky-high aaaand, I quit playing it. And the rest? I got tired of waiting for the tickets. I did enjoy playing the Contract Marriage (as I remember it) thing because it is a decent game. You have absolutely no requirements to go to the next chapter and the story is worth it.

I’m not telling you all to not try out the game, instead please do, tell me what you think about it (maybe some tips to ace it? idk) because honestly, I suck at romancing 2D Ikemen.

Do you like this type of post? Recommend me some more games and I’ll play and (hopefully) make another post similar to this~

January 12, 2015
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