Meanwhile at Noob Central… #1

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Elu seems to think that this is my brain

Elu seems to think that this is my brain.
He’s partially right.

So it looks like we’ve gone about sixteen days without posting anything, which the run was broken by Elu yesterday. Whoops!

For the record, we’re not dead or anything. Just pretty unmotivated.

Which we’ve been for some time now.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of things we can post about. We just haven’t been feeling the motivation to do so. (I think this goes for BarneyYo, too, but she’s been MIA for a few days now . . . .)

We (at least, Elu and I) have started watching Bones on Netflix. Well, Elu is. I’ve been watching Bones for some time before Elu and BarneyYo were forced by me to watch it took interest in it, and I’m already up to Season 6 on Netflix. Elu . . . is still on Season 1.* I have no clue where BarneyYo is. And while Elu plays Catch-Up, he told me to start watching White Collar since we’ve both been wanting to start watching it, but the amount of Seasons it has made us unsure about starting. So now he has to play Catch-up with both Bones and White Collar. And, according to him, a lot of other different shows. 



As for the posts still in my drafts . . . . ahahaha . . . . Really, that T&R of Wilfred’s has been there since I finished his route after it was released in Be My Princess. I’ve finished all routes in that game and started my third route in the GREE version. I guess his routes in the events annoyed me enough to not care for him for the time being, so it’s kept me from finishing and publishing that post. Whoops! As for the event routes . . . . I stupidly started typing up Wilfred’s Valentine’s Day route and uh . . . yeah. His event route annoyed me so |D /shot.

So I guess for now, any event routes that I type up will have to be requested. I found that, while typing up Joshua’s Valentine’s Day route, I was more motivated to finish typing it all up and getting it published as soon as I could since two people had requested it. So if the stories aren’t requested, chances are that they’ll have to wait in line until I get Wilfred’s and the subsequent routes published or until someone requests them. Heck, even if one person asks for it, it’ll still motivate me to type it up. I’ll get a list of the events that I have down and how far I have into them so that you guys know what I can type up. Since I have most, though, feel free to request a route anyways and I’ll let you know if I can.

I’ve also been racking my brain for some giveaways. I was hoping to at least have something by the time we hit 5k or 10k views, but we’re getting close to 10k and I still have nothing. While I was hoping to get any kind of otome game related prizes, I was mainly focusing English otome game stuff to giveaway, which is an even smaller range to get prizes from. I mean, I was even thinking that I could probably giveaway in-game stuff like GREE coins, but, as far as I know, there’s no way to gift coins. And I would have given away a Google Play or iTunes card for buying mobile otome games, but then it couldn’t only be used for those games and might even be used for non-otome game apps, which pretty much defeats the purpose of it. I also don’t think anyone would trust us with a shipping address yet, either, so physical goods are out the door. Wehehehe Elu’s stumped, too, so I’m open for ideas on giveaways.

I really don’t know what else to talk about, so I’ll end the post here.


Now time to look for a job.

And figure out where the heck BarneyYo went.

May 1, 2013
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