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First of all, I want to apologize for not updating  in like 3-4 days. Well… I have been busy. I try to post here for at least once per day – 2 days. I was going to post yesterday, but it got deleted… was just this much on clicking publish and bam! poof! and yeah…

Anywhos… this is the Info corner~

As you noticed, I will die for love 07-Ghost! And well, it unfortunately/fortunately has ended. But, do not worry fellow 07-G fans! According to the group that was translating 07-Ghost, Tiramisu & Strawberry, Amemiya and Ichihara are working together again to make a new manga called “Batorabittsu”.


“The Zero-Sum site has finally been updated~!

Ah, so the official name is ‘Battle Rabbits’ and there’s a page for it with a short synopsis of the story. Something about protecting Earth from aliens (called ‘Orgg’??), I think?

Anyway, from what I can understand (with a certain amount of guesswork!), the boy is named ‘Kaguya Kokuryu’, a high school student whose father was killed by these aliens. While the girl with the bunny ears is called ‘Mao’ and she’s from a race of earth guardians known as ‘Battle Rabbits’. And they get together to defeat these aliens and avenge Kaguya’s father, I guess.” —namikala


As a 07-Ghost fan, I AM DEAD EXCITED OMG!!! 07-G is like my fav of the fav manga of all time and I just- omg!!!!

The charas remind me of main character looks like Teito… no, actually Mikhail and the yellow haired guy? He kinda looks like a mixture of Frau, maybe Mikage ((nuooo TTuTT)), Fea Kreuz and uhhh Hakuren???? Idk… The girl looks like Razette and maybe a lil’ bit of the previous Profe


Btw, T&S scans are looking for scanslators (esp for ZERO SUM):


Here’s their link:

and e-mail (if you’re interested) where you can contact them:

Nevermind, they contacted their previous scanner and they are working together again…

Ooooh, that guy behind the girl looks like Hyuuga!

Hope you will enjoy today’s post!~

Disclaimer: All of the images came from T&S scans and the other sources that I have mentioned. Thank You!

September 28, 2014
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