[Love 365] Voltage Inc. to Release 魔界王子と魅惑のナイトメア In English

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Update 4/29/20: The English title will be Court of Darkness.

Yesterday on both their official Facebook and inside the Love 365 app, Voltage Inc. teased the release of their social game 魔界王子と魅惑のナイトメア in English.

“Look forward to exciting weekly updates,” Voltage says in their Facebook post. “ALL FREE to read.”

While it is not new for Voltage to release social game stories into pay-to-play apps, this is new as far as English releases go.

魔界王子と魅惑のナイトメア is originally a social app. It works like Voltage’s current PARTY games: free-to-play, avatar dress ups, rolling events, etc. If anything, everyone assumed that this game getting released in English would mean it would get its own app like current PARTY games.

But that’s not what’s happening here.

Voltage is releasing this free-to-play social game, one that merits its own app, on their Love 365 platform. Love 365 is an app that contains all of Voltage non-social games. This includes pay-to-play stories and freemium stories touted as being “free” but locking the best endings behind a paywall.

There has been no official word as to whether or not this title will be released as a Love Choice title, but the words “ALL FREE to read” give little doubt pointing to yes.

It is to be released in early May.

Happy playing!

April 25, 2020
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