League of Legends Party Rewards

There’s a new feature bringing you rewards for queuing up with your fiends. Socrates explains more below.
Hey everyone,

We all know queuing up with friends makes League more fun. The feature Player Behavior’s testing adds a chance at bonus IP rewards based on the size of your premade party. Basically, playing with more friends means you’ll win more IP.

Here’s how it works:

If you enter (any) queue with a premade party, the group earns a chance at a chunk of bonus IP at the end of the game. There is a chance that your group earns no Party Reward, but larger premade parties win higher tiers of IP rewards. Some lucky players will even earn rare, but massive IP prizes. If you queue alone, you won’t be eligible for Party Rewards, so party up!

We’re still tweaking the exact values of Party Rewards, but we’re excited to share the feature and collect feedback from the PBE community. Let us know what you think!

Is there a limit to how much IP you can get in party rewards per day?
Lyte: There is no limit on the amount of party rewards you can earn in a day. Play with friends and get as many rewards as you like!

I am assuming that the massive IP amount will be 1000 IP, based upon previously leaked info from Reddit.

Lyte: The numbers aren’t final, as we’ll be testing a few iterations on the PBE; however, currently the jackpots are 16x bonuses. They are huge :)

How rare are the bonuses?
Socrates: The largest reward you can get is 16x the IP you earned for the game. So if you earned 100 Ip in a game, it would be a 1600 Ip bonus. A reward that large is of course super rare. The more common rewards are smaller than that, but scale up based on your party size.

Any ideas about the IP amounts being different for different queues, or will they be all the same?
Socrates: Yea, there is a queue modifier so SR matchmade modes have the best rewards and other queues receive smaller rewards with bot games being the lowest.
Lyte, Chomey and Boourns also took to reddit to answer questions about this new feature.

Interesting, wonder if they got the idea from HotS beta. It has a similar feature where you get more gold for being in a premade group.
Lyte: Usually, most studios have ideas designed/planned for awhile before a dev team can jump on it and develop it. Party Rewards are one of those features most game designers know about :)
I knew many games had similar ‘premade rewards,’ HotS of course being experience instead of IP. However, I think it benefits all games to learn from each other to push for the best experience. For example, HotS has a version of LeaverBuster now that’s cool, and DOTA2 has a chat mute system.

Boourns: To add to Lyte’s points: We are regularly inspired by things other games do and we also inspire features in other games. This seems great to me as a player. I don’t just play one game, why wouldn’t I want the best features from one game to show up in the other ones I play? I think it’s awesome that our sister MOBAs push us all to get better.

A personal example for me is smartpings. We took a lot of ideas from other implementations of radial menus and added some refinements that fit how we use pings in the game. HotS also took some inspiration for our changes and added their own twist. Should I be mad that they “stole” our ideas? No, I actually feel pretty good that they felt we added something worthwhile to the conversation and I’m happy that something we worked on here gets to make the play experience better for even more gamers outside LoL!

Will ranked 5’s have a chance to earn party rewards also?
Lyte: They will!

From what I understand, it works off the base IP for your game. First win of the day is static and isn’t part of the base IP.
Lyte: Actually, the Party Reward bonus can get huge and if I recall, stacks with all other IP sources. For example, IP Boosts apply to Party Rewards too. I can double check.

Chomey: Party rewards doesn’t stack with first win of the day =) It does stack with the rest of the formula on that support page though.

Will this be permanent?
Lyte: We’re not sure yet. We’ll test on PBE, and see how things go. We’re thinking a 2 week beta on live servers after, then decide after that.

So does this mean you could technically get 9,440 ip? Long Game+First Win×Double Ip Weekend×16? 145+150×2×16=9,440. If so, that’s ridiculous.
Chomey: Order of operations! First win of the day doesn’t stack though, so technically something like 150+145×2×16 is right =)
Update: Party Rewards is now live for the next two weeks!

This table details the maximum multipliers for Party Rewards:

Party Size Reward
Party of one N/A
Party of two 4x IP
Party of three 6x IP
Party of four 8x IP
Full team 16x IP

For the next two weeks, Party Rewards is all yours. After the trial period, we’ll temporarily disable the feature and sort through the data and learn what the partying hath wrought. We’ll be back to talk more about the future of Party Rewards soon.

February 19, 2015
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