Flight Rising Update 02/03/2015

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With this update comes a myriad of new apparel items and two new familiars. First off are the new pieces of Filigree Armor. The Burnished, Ebony, Gold, and Iron helmets and gauntlets are available in the treasure marketplace, while the alabaster is only available through the gem marketplace. Copper is a drop in the Golem Workshop!

Below is a preview of the Burnished Helm and Iron Gauntlets on all breeds and genders. These items all generally look the same aside from color.

Then there are the two new familiars: Downy Fox Rat and Fawn Fox Rat. These will be available in the Gem Marketplace.

As for additions to the Gem Marketplace, they will be cycling a lot of items out and adding items from the Night Sky and Trickster collections. These can be bought individually, or if you want to save some gems there are also bundles for sale.

This next bit is going to be pretty image heavy, as I’ve included previews for each item on every dragon breed and gender. Cycle through the gallery to get an idea of what items will look like on your dragons!

A few smaller updates include:

  • The Guardian Dragon encyclopedia entry was updated to include a link to Fishspine Reef/Water Overview.
  • The winners for the 2nd Coliseum Skin and Accent contest have been contacted. Thanks to everyone for participating!
  • Aged Tome, Rusted Chain, Tarnished Chain, and Battered Book of Fables are now able to be scavenged by clans with a skill of 9 or higher.
  • Coliseum:
    -The item caption contest drops have been implemented to the appropriate opponents.
    Crimson Reef Snails no longer drop Wetland Vampires.
    Blue Dragon Reef Snails no longer drop Greater Leeches.
    Death’s Head Stags no longer drop Fragile Moth Wings.
    Wildwood Owls no longer drop Birch Logs, Ivy.
    Opheodrys Serthis no longer drop Emerald Ratsnakes.
    Carmine Serthis have had the drop chance on Coral Snake reduced.
    Zeeba, Rambra no longer drop Herdbeast Hoof.

Finally, the announcement of the Trickmurk Circus starting on February 22nd, 2015. This will be similar to the Crystalline Gala, but it is honoring the Shadow Flight!

February 9, 2015
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