[Be My Princess: PARTY] Zain Main Story Now Available

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Your forbidden love with the mysterious Head Steward of Nobel Michel…

The more you fall…the more Fate may tear you apart…!

Zen’s Main Story is now available in Be My Princess: PARTY!

You can find the guide to this route here: [Be My Princess: PARTY] Zain Main Story Guide

When you finish the Secret Normal Ending or the Secret Happy Ending, you will get an avatar item as a reward. They each have a different avatar item reward, so try to get both endings to get both rewards!


Also, when you complete the Secret Happy End, you will get a Belltower for your Town. When you Grade Up the Palace to Grade 3, you will get the Main Story Epilogue told in Zen’s point of view!


If you complete Zen’s Main Story up to Story Level 11 (The Farewell Kiss (10/10) by August 7th 7:59 (UTC), you will get the Limited Omelet Lover Zain avatar item as a special gift!


It may take a few days after the closing of the avatar campaign for it to appear in your Gift Box.

Happy playing!

August 3, 2015
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