Arcade Miss Fortune & Riot Kayle Skins

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Arc MF & Riot Kayle

Arcade MF SplashRiot Kayle Splash

There are two new skins on PBE: Arcade Miss Fortune and Riot Kayle. For his release, Gnar is getting a Dino skin (release date TBA).


***Riot Kayle will be available until August 31st, along with the other Riot skins (Riot Nasus, Riot Graves, & Riot Blitzcrank)


****Dino Gnar is up on PBE. For a closer look, check out this new post.


Arcade Miss Fortune
Arcade Header


*975 RP for a limited time

Arcade MF Loading

Arcade Miss Fortune Poses

MF Arc Q1 W1 W2 E1 R1 R2 R3 Recall 1 Recall 2



Riot Kayle

Riot Kayle HeaderRiot Kayle Loading
Riot Kayle Poses

Q1 W1 E1 E4 E2 E3 Ult Recall

Summoner Icons Subtitle
Arcade Summoner Icon

July 29, 2014
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