【Upcoming Battles】(Dec 8 – Dec 14) + Battle INFO

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★ Nightmare Stage『The Lunar Eclipse』
Time: Dec 13 (Sat)
When moonlight is concealed, evil souls roam on the land! Can Summoners beat the endless darkness?
*One-day Exclusive Battle
*『The Lunar Eclipse』Additional Nightmare Level,”Sirius of Lunar Eclipse” has granted the ability to Power Release, returning with greater power to destroy the TOS realm!
* The Power Release element “Soul of the Ivory Moon” for “Sirius of Lunar Eclipse” can be obtained in the stage『The Lunar Eclipse』.

★ New Event『Frustration of Youkai – Light』
Time: Dec 8 (Tue) – Dec 21 (Sun)

★ Special Event『Field of the Cryptid』
Time: Dec 10 (Wed) – Dec 14 (Sun)
Tracking down the Cryptid, regain powerful source of the Beasts.
* One-off Stage

★ Return of 『Dazzle of the Star – Water』
Time: Dec 1 (Mon) – Dec 14 (Sun)
* When entering the stages with the corresponding BIGBANG Conjurers in your team, you will have a chance to get into the hidden stage and get the new image form.
* Power Release element “Stardust Spirit” will raid in the battles.

★ Return of『The Visitor from afar – Dark』
Time: Dec 8 (Mon) – Dec 14 (Sun)
*『Pyrokinesis – The Scarlet Queen』 raids in the stage during the event!
*『Companions of Travellers』will be available to evolve starting from Nov 10 (Mon), they are more powerful than ever!

★ The Return of 『Garden of Headstones』
Time: Dec 1 (Mon) – Jan 4 (Sun)
During the event period, 『Garden of Headstones』 is reopened in the guild-exclusive “Black Hole”!

Points to note:
1. “Black Keys” x8 will be consumed for each entrance to the stage. Each Summoner can enter the stage ONCE per day.
2. When the stage is cleared for the first time during the event period, “Harpy” x1 will be awarded.
3. All Soulstones in the stage will be automatically transformed into Great Soulstones.

★ Permanent Event 『The Earth Soul’s Blessing 』
Time: Dec 8 (Mon) – Dec 14 (Sun)

Field of Cryptid Battle Info:

Stage 1
[Image: 45px-057i.webp] ATK: 6,634/CD:3/HP:76,897
[Image: 45px-059i.webp] ATK: 6,842/CD:3/HP:73,542
[Image: 45px-061i.webp] ATK:6,376/CD:3/HP:80,458

Stage 2
[Image: 45px-453i.webp] ATK: 2,978/CD:1(1)/HP:243,873/Skill: Weathered Rune [Image: 20px-%E9%A2%A8%E5%8C%96%E7%8F%A0.webp]
[Image: 45px-455i.webp] ATK:3,045/CD:1(1)/HP:229,738/Skill: Weathered Rune [Image: 20px-%E9%A2%A8%E5%8C%96%E7%8F%A0.webp]

Stage 3
[Image: 45px-397i.webp] ATK:8,873/CD:1(1)/HP:187,982/Skill: 25% Tumbler [Image: 20px-ICON143.webp]

Stage 4
[Image: 45px-299i.webp] ATK: 6,432/CD:2/HP:359,783/Skill: Revive each other [Image: 20px-ICON088.webp]
[Image: 45px-302i.webp] ATK: 8,735/CD:3/HP:387,390/Skill: Revive each other[Image: 20px-ICON088.webp]

Stage 5
[Image: 45px-431i.webp] ATK:8,321/CD:2(2)/HP:823,962/Skill: 15% Reflection [Image: 20px-ICON023.webp]

Stage 6
[Image: 45px-354i.webp] ATK:9,372/CD:1(1)/HP:24/DEF: 600,000/Skill: Can’t be controlled [Image: 20px-ICON031.webp]

Stage 7
[Image: 45px-502i.webp] ATK:99,999/CD:4(1)/HP:398,800/DEF:62,000/Skill: Double Hit [Image: 20px-ICON024.webp]

source: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Discussion-Info-Strategy-Field-of-Cryptid

December 10, 2014
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