Voltage Inc.’s New Game Revealed: Enchanted In The Moonlight

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6/23/14 Update: Enchanted in the Moonlight is now available for both Android and iOS! Happy playing!


And we’re back with another not-so-faithful-to-the-original title!

Is he only after my power?
Or is this love real…?
You live a normal life until the day you’re attacked by otherworldly ayakashi,
intent on stealing the special power you were born with.
Your saviors also happen to be ayakashi, five very handsome ones!

“We’ll protect you, human.
But in return… You must offer your power to one of us.”



Not that it’s anything to celebrate about considering I had a source telling me so that it was the only potential game to be brought to the English audience that had anything to do with the word “Moon”, but anyways!

You should now be able to download the reward wallpaper with the new game’s logo by following the Black Fox banner in either My Forged Wedding, Metro PD: Close to You, or Kissed by the Baddest Bidder. The wallpaper is portrait sized, but I’m a loser with an Android phone so I made my own wallpaper. |D (Not that I’d use it anytime soon because I have a pretty picture of Glenn as my wallpaper aaaahhhh)

As mentioned in the previous post, you can read more information on the game thanks to Riichany on tumblr who was kind enough to translate the game synopsis (because hers is better) and character descriptions. Be sure to thank her!

As for the other noobs… I’m still trying! Maybe a few of you could send in some ideas that you would like to see from them? Specifically Elu since Barney is rather busy with other stuff at the moment!

Anyways, here’s the original synopsis of 今宵、妖しい口づけを for those wondering (not completely accurate):

You, who lived an ordinary life, suddenly gain a special power one day, and your life becomes the target of ayakashi. Five good-looking men (ikemen) rescue you from danger. However, they are also ayakashi?

“We will protect you. In exchange… give me your body.* That is the contract.”

The ayakashi want my body? Or my heart?*

*代わりに…そのカラダを捧げてもらう。/*妖の彼らが欲しいのは、私のカラダ?それとも心…? – I’m not really sure about these parts, so if anyone can correct it, please do!

I have no idea whether the heroine is born with the special power like the official synopsis says or if she suddenly acquires it like my lame translations, but it would be a good idea to go with the official one for the time being.

Anyways! Enchanted in the Moonlight is scheduled to be released this summer, so we can either expect to see it later this month or in early-mid July.


Note: If I get any comments about how the game is like/reminds you of Kamisama Hajimemashita or Black Bird, those comments are going to get the boot. I really don’t care to hear about it, to be quite honest (it really bothers me and I’m not quite sure why, but it does). I have no idea what’s going on on the Facebook page since I stopped visiting last month after some commenters began posting spoilers, CG’s, and in-game screenshots of newly released routes and stories, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s exploding with such comments by now. Just… keep those comments away from me.

Speaking of the Facebook page… it looks like someone linked the blog there??? We’ve gotten more traffic than usual in the past couple of days with a lot of referrals from Facebook, specifically on the 8th, and it looks like they’re coming from clicks leading to the game status lists. I don’t know of any other reason why we’d get to many referrals from Facebook other than the links were put on the Voltage Facebook page. I’m rather curious, but I really don’t want to go look at the Facebook page and see what’s going on….

On another note, once the official synopsis is released, I’m going to go ahead and re-arrange/redo this post to follow the same format as previous release posts. But for now, it is freakin late and my laptop is giving me problems, so I am done!

June 9, 2014
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  • Izumi

    so they end up skip IYAT season 2 o___o, but then again even the Japanese version hasn’t get any update since like 3 weeks ago ? and I don’t know whether they’re going to continue with IYAT season 1 either ^^; well, a lot of people already compared this to black bird too o_o

    oh it seems someone linked this site to facebook page lol, I remember seeing someone mention your post about voltage cancelled games ^^; hence why you got a lot of traffic lol

    • Shabby

      Yeah, after what you told me, I’m not surprised : . I’m guessing IYAT hasn’t gotten an update in some time, too? OH PFFT I forgot about that one! I got a comment recently about Kamisama Hajimemashita and completely forgot….

      Oh flip. Welp, I hope it was at least mentioned in good favor….

      • Izumi

        hmm I didn’t installed IYAT season 1 so I didn’t really know lol, but some people already said that the monthly version hasn’t got any schedule for this month…but there’s some chance that IYAT season 2 still released to the english version, since at least they already get enough stories for a few months ^^;;

        Yeah, and I haven’t see anyone bashing this site either ^^; I just hope they didn’t read our comments altogether xD; since some of them are criticizing most of facebook user haha ^^;

        • Shabby

          Oh gosh. I just checked the app, and I think the only recent updates are some sort of love messages from the guys? The last story update looks like it was last month. Oh really? Then I guess that’s still a possibility, so I’ll keep checking my source for that one, too.

          I hope not! Well, there are some things they say and do that I think are worth criticizing (being mean to new commenters, spreading hate and misinformation, posting spoilers in a very public and open place, etc.), so I’m not really bothered by that. What will bother me is if they take it out of context and just assume that we’re bashing them for no other reason than to be mean. ( ´_ゝ`)

  • Izumi

    Is that so ? o___o, I know that most of IYAT’s spin off are rather…different compared to the other voltage game…and I haven’t see any upcoming schedule for both season either, for the smartphone version and we’re already on middle of the month…

    Well, I’m going to be honest here, but most of people in voltage fandom can be pretty childish and easily offended if we didn’t agree or praising them lol, I already getting attacked on tumblr just because I didn’t agree with them or just plain criticizing their favorite characters…and since then I haven’t posted or reblogged any voltage related on my tumblr since I don’t want to see any drama on my tumblr again ^^;

    • Shabby

      Yeah, it’s a June Bride Campaign, I guess. Every few days they release a message from the guys on the news page, and so far there’s only three. I’m not sure if that counts as an actual “update” lol. Oh, you’re right. I didn’t check the catalog before, but I don’t see any updates for either of those games. (I do see Butler Max story though whoops)

      I’m unfortunately going to have to agree with you. I’ve had others tell me that they’ve been getting attacked or mean messages because other people in the fandom think they’re wrong. I’ve been lucky enough to still not have gotten messages like that (except for the “watch what you say”, but that was indirectly aimed at me). Unless you count the person “correcting” me on Oliver’s Butler’s name saying that it’s “Welna” when the shareholder book has it written as “Werner”, but I brushed it off because it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. Agh, that’s a shame. Tumblr is way too public when it comes to stuff like that. I think even if you put your blog on Private, it would still let other people see your posts if someone following you reblogs your posts on their public blog ( ´_ゝ`). Heck, some of my posts that I don’t even put in the main tags still end up getting more notes that I’m comfortable with, most from people who don’t even follow me ヽ(。_゜)ノ.

  • Izumi

    Haha speaking of Max’s butler story, is already out now lol. Actually the prince x butler story is pretty hilarious, but unfortunately they didn’t give any CG to you orz. And the second time travel story is Sieg – Joshua ! I’m pretty looking forward since both of them are my biases lol, and the third is…Ivan ? I have no idea what kind of story they will tell o___o
    Maybe this is just my opinion, but like BMP season 1, I felt the wedding sequel in IYAT season 1 is pretty much a finishing story for the season 1…since the “goal” is for the heroine to get someone who love her fully ^^; I don’t really want to see any marriage life sequel for IYAT season 1…as for season 2, sadly I have no idea how the story should ended since voltage didn’t even release any sequel -__-”

    Ugh it’s remind me of how my friend getting harassed over her opinion of Keith (BMP), and it’s not like she bash down Keith, but more like a well-written opinion why she didn’t like him that much…and guess what ? there’s one girl who send her a death threat. I agree even you didn’t tag your post people will read it…ORZ

    • Shabby

      Aaaaahhhhh I really hope we get them in English! No CG? D: So you just get the story? Awe man, that’s a shame, though I hope that the story more than made up for the lack of reward! AHAHA SIEG! I’d really like to see that! I already played Sieg’s route, so I’m really interested to see how that will play out! Ivan’s next for the time travel story? Oh wow, I’m very curious, too. Maybe it’ll be about the creation of his country or how it started up? ¯(°_o)/¯

      WTF??? Keith is my bias and I love him so much, but to go so far as to give a death threat to someone who gave a well-written and well-informed opinion of him that they didn’t agree with? I’m honestly disgusted by that! It’s crap like that that makes me not want to be a part of the fandom. ( ಠ益ಠ)

      • Izumi

        You already played his route ? he’s pretty interesting isn’t it ? :D Yeah, you only got the story, no CG or whatsoever -_-“…hmm, I really hope they use the whole history of saint charbel…since we know his country is still on conflict and whatnot ^^; I’m still hoping that voltage will release the time travel story for the rest of the guys..

        Same, I never consider myself as part of voltage fandom…since most of the time they’re really embarrassing ORZ, or even immature…and also, I just recently read that apparently the tokires staff already giving announcement for user to not sharing the CG from their game…do you think voltage will giving some kind of restriction too ? I already heard from some voltage user in Japan that voltage already considering to restrict the user to share CG on any website (blog, social media)…

        • Shabby

          Yup! He was so precious! I hope so! While I don’t think I’d mind something else, I’m really interested in seeing how his country (Saint Charbel or Sanct Sybil??? It can be read both ways, can’t it?) and Shaharazal came to be, so a little history lesson would be great! Especially with Ivan, I’d love to see his reaction on see how it first began. Aaaahhhh I hope so!

          Yeah, I like to think of myself as separated from the fandom and just someone who likes Voltage games. A lot. I saw that a few days ago! Konami said it was against their terms of service, but I don’t remember ever reading or even seeing a TOS from Voltage, though? I’ll look around to see if I can find anything like that. I know Voltage Entertainment is more lenient on it and actually supports players to share CG’s, LP’s, screenshots, and all that, but I’m not too sure with Voltage Inc. and both its English and JAPAN branches…. I remember you mentioning that a lot of Japanese users had to delete or make private their blogs because Voltage told them to stop sharing (the main reason why I don’t give away my sources), so maybe it’s not too far-fetched for them to do it for the English speaking players? I wouldn’t be surprised, though, with the massive outbreak that CG’s go through once someone gets their hands on them…. It’s be a real big disappointment for Voltage to feel the need to do something like that….

          Also! I just saw that Room Share was released for smartphones. I think it’s only the social version, though? I’m on the fence of being happy and worried, especially after Hatsukare….

  • Izumi

    Until now I’m still can’t spell his country name correctly ^^; yeah and also Aslan’s country too lol. But I prefer if they focused on the original prince’s grandson first…since I want to see their interaction ^^;

    Same as you, I barely consider myself in fandom, like this anime I currently following, actually the fandom itself not really embarrassing compared to voltage / supernatural / Sherlock, but the whole shipping war (which mostly are not even canon in the series) is really embarrassing ORZ, I even dislike one of the ship since most of the shipper are pretty snob and love to bash the other pairing -___-, not to mention people who love to spam the shipper tag in tumblr…I actually used to see someone spamming bmp tag in tumblr too, but this one more worse ORZ. Hmm, actually those TOS are more like rumors from Japanese BBS, since voltage currently forbid anyone to posting the game’s script to any kind of website, so there’s a chance they probably going to forbid posting CG too…but It still rumor ^^;

    I can understand why voltage ent is more lenient, since when people posting CG or LP, it can be used as a promotion, and seeing how they’re more smaller compared to the main company, they should be more careful when they’re going to making or promoting their games ^^, and If I’m not mistaken they only have 3 games that still getting update, where the rest is already getting cancelled…Actually, the whole CG sharing is more like happened more in the western fanbase ? I barely seeing Japanese blogger sharing their CG…and even if they share, they usually pass locked their post ^^; Oh and for the room share game, yes it’s the social game version .____________. I think I pass it…

    • Shabby

      Well, it’s サンクト=シアベル and officially translated to Sanct Sybil. I saw someone complain about the translation saying it’s supposed to be “Saint Charbel”, but no matter how much I look at the katakana, I can’t see why it wouldn’t be “Sanct Sybil”… or maybe my understanding isn’t good enough to see why OTL. Same! I’d rather see the interaction of the original Princes with their grandsons first, history lesson later!

      Oh gosh, that sounds really bad. I can barely bring myself to go into any main tag of popular things because the last few times I did, there was always someone spamming the tag with unsourced/uncredited fanart. It was ridiculous, and a lot of people in the fandom purposely made posts in the main tag to say not to post that type of stuff, but people kept spamming with the art. I actually found a TOS in OTBS! But when I read through it, it didn’t really say anything about posting things about the stories (unless I did read it and just didn’t know that’s what it meant…). Ah, I see. So so far it’s only the scripts that are prohibited, but CG’s might be, too? Oh man.

      That’s true. Hm… I don’t really keep up with them, but so far I know Speakeasy and My Killer Romance are. To Love and Protect just got a redesign for iOS. I’m not so sure about the rest, but I do know that White Lies looks to be on hold right now. Yeah, it looks like it. And if there are CG sharing in the Japanese fandom, it’s very scarce. I also know of this one blogger who would release CG packs of new otome games soon after the game was released, but they were private downloads. On Voltage games, yeah, blogs get locked. They’re even locking guides ;______; The other half of the fence got me excited for nothing! I was honestly surprised to see Room Share had a release, but it quickly died when I saw it was the social game. :

      • Izumi

        I guess Sanct Sybil is sounds more closer compared to saint charbel lol, I’m still having hard time to spell Aslan’s country until now haha ^^; I already seen people complaining about it, it just unfair to see Ivan (which is a new character and didn’t have connection to season 1) to get the time travel spin off but the rest of the princes didn’t get it ^^;

        unsourced fanart is already bad enough, and there’s a lot of people who spamming the tag and labeling the ship as pedophilia (which doesn’t make a sense since the younger guy is already 15, and pedophilia is more like attraction to underage kid), most of spammer also harassing user who like this ship =/. I understand that that ship (which ironically I like the most) can be little bit controversial…but it just fiction and it’s not like they’re going to be the canon ship in the series -___-. You can see the TOS in OTBS ? what kind of restriction they list ? Yeah, but it just rumors and I haven’t see any confirmation regarding that ^^;

        I heard from my friend who get email from voltage ent, few weeks ago she get an email from voltage ent confirming that glass stiletto, knight of my heart, intimate business, my lover’s a thief, and white lies are currently put on hold =/, especially since they want to focus on their newest game…I understand why they lock their CG / script sharing, I know one of blogger who complained in her blog about her CG getting reposted on tumblr and she decide to delete all her post altogether -__-. Hahaha, I’m still wished they can port the app version for room share too T___T

        • Shabby

          Quick edit! I was looking at Ivan’s image in Koi Cafe and I saw that his country’s name is written behind him. It’s a bit blocked because he’s in front of it, but from what you can see it says “Saint Shea” before getting cut off. So… ¯(°_o)/¯? (I can send it to you if you’d like)

          That makes sense, you would think that the descendants would get priority when it comes to time traveling stories. Is Ivan’s going to be the last time travel story?

          Ah, I see. So it’s still pretty bad in that fandom, then. Yeah, I found it in OTBS. It’s pretty long like the standard TOS, but it did mention restrictions on downloading the app and modifying it, selling it, no sharing accounts (Transfer ID’s?), etc. It says that the TOS is for OTBS, but I think it’s safe to assume that it applies to all of Voltage’s games. I can send you the TOS in an e-mail if you’d like. If it’s just a rumor, then I guess players are safe for now, but they’ll have to comply it with if it becomes true. (I wouldn’t be surprised since I’ve seen the Early Bird reward floating around when Voltage made it clear that it wasn’t supposed to be shared publicly). = =

          Ouch! Though I guess they can’t really be blamed for it. They’re still pretty small, and they’re definitely putting a lot of work into Queen’s Gambit right now. I won’t be able to play it unless there’s a sale, but I’m definitely looking forward to how it turns out. Hopefully they don’t abandon the other games because there are other players who really like them, especially White Lies. Agh, I’ve had some blogs bookmarked so that I can go back to check them out later, and then go back and find everything deleted ; ; . I thought it was weird at the time that multiple blogs were shutting down and being locked, but now I know (˘・_・˘ㆀ). I KNOW! I’d really like to see the original game ported, but agh we’ll just have to wait and see if Voltage is willing to do it after the results from Hatsukare….

  • Izumi

    Have you played Enchanted in the moonlight since it released yesterday ? from what I read, it seems the review is rather bit mixed up between positive and negative lol. I know some people are getting uncomfortable since the game itself more explicit compared to other voltage’s game ^^; and there’s also Stockholm syndrome issue in Miyabi’s route can be a turn off to some people…

    • Shabby

      I haven’t, no. Yeah, I saw that on FB earlier when I went to check on something about KbtBB and thought I’d see how EitM was being taken. I immediately stopped, though, when I read someone completely misunderstand what a sadist is ( ´_ゝ`). I did see how it seems to be a hit or miss to some. Oh flip, really? I didn’t know about it being more explicit than other Voltage games. How bad is the Stockholm thing? I never got the impression that EitM is a dark themed game, so I’m curious now how far the Stockholm thing goes. In your opinion, was it too much?

      Oh! Also, did you read my last comment edit about Ivan’s country’s name? I can still send you the illustration if you’d like~

  • Izumi

    Well, I haven’t played Miyabi’s route (I only played Yukinojo’s route to be honest lol), but as for yukinojo, I didn’t see any Stockholm syndrome or some kind of that…and my friend who already played Chikage said he’s pretty sweet despite can be quite aloof at the first time…I guess Miyabi is more like the ドS in the game haha ^^;

    Oh, and if it not bothering you, you can send me the images lol ^^; my email is : -..thanks :D

    • Shabby

      Oooo how was Yukinojo’s route? Other than Miyabi’s, I’m really interested in Yukinojo’s route. So Chikage’s is good? His weakness makes me laugh! Thing is, Miyabi is the ドS of the game. It’s right in his description lol. If it’s not too bad in Miyabi’s route, I might be able to get past it without a problem. I’m just hoping that it’s not too much since it’s not a dark themed game.

      I’ll send it in a bit! I’ll go ahead and send you Sieg’s, too. Is it a different e-mail from when you sent me Henry’s and Wilfred’s? Anyways, you should get them in a bit! I managed to get a few more, too. So if there’s one you want, I might have it, so just ask! :>

  • Izumi

    Well, he’s basically the kind of “I’m not really nice but not really bad enough”, he have sort kind of past too and there’s time where he basically treat the heroine coldly –” From what I heard from my friend, chikage’s route is pretty good lol you can basically just play the game only for chikage and yukinojo hahah ^^~ I didn’t interested on both shinra and the werewolf guy route so I don’t know whether their route is good or not

    lol yeah, I decide not to use my gmail address anymore haha ^^; and thanks for the image ! I plan to buy the newest bmp season 2 spin off (the time trip) and I’m going to send you the CG after I finish it :D

    • Shabby

      Ah, I see. It still sounds rather interesting. That’s good to hear! I wasn’t much interested in Chikage’s route, but at least I know it’ll be good now! I’ll probably still play them all, though, if I get the change. I’m only slightly interested in Shinra, and not much in Kyoga, so they can wait LOL.

      Alrighty! If I have anything else to send you, I’ll send it to the new one~ You’re welcome! I really like Ivan’s~ Ooooo thank you! Aaaaaahhhhhh I really hope we get them in English! I have a feeling I’m going to cry like a baby ;___________________;

  • Izumi

    Hi, I just recently send you the time trip CG from my email, if you didn’t receive it please inform me again ^^. I love the story in this one compared to the Philip route lol. But then again I always have some kind of bias toward Dresvan hahah ^^;

    And can I rant a bit about one tumblr user who I didn’t want to mention ? so basically this user has been always bashing voltage ever since PiL era (complained about Eduardo’s CG) and bragged about how her artwork is more better, and today one of my friend share MSB love mission CG, and guess what ? the oh-so-talented-artist decide to bitch down most of voltage game’s CG (she said MFW and MSB CG look like half-assed attempt to draw), and most of the time when she reblogging any of voltage’s post is pretty much always has negative connotation…I mean seriously, if she didn’t like it, why she reblogging it ? oh and her bias is nobunaga from ninja love ORZ”

    ugh sorry for long rant -__-“

    • Shabby

      DRESVAN BABIES! Would I be wrong to guess that Sieg made the food? Ah, Dresvan has always been more interesting to me as a country than Philip~

      Wait, what? That just sounds awful and extremely childish. If she doesn’t like it, why reblog? Especially just to complain? I understand that everyone has their different preferences when it comes to art, but that doesn’t make the art in Voltage games bad. I know bad art when I see it, and I can say right now that it is not bad. If she, as an artist as she claims to be, is unable to give constructive criticism in anyone’s art (art from professionals, no less) and does nothing but complain about it and boast about how she’s so much better than them, then I have nothing to say to her other than ask how old she is because that is absolutely awful and childish behavior, and that type of behavior is one an artist really should not have. There’s a difference between simply commenting and expressing her opinion that it is not her cup of tea, constructively criticizing it, and flat out flaming it every chance she gets. The thing about art is that just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it bad, ugly, or terrible, especially when it is obviously not. If she can’t see that, then I definitely can’t respect her as an artist. I’m all for constructive criticism and open discussions on things like that, but I draw the line on crap like what she says. I’m not sure what to say about that on her bias. I really could not like anything or anyone in Ninja Love (I blame the writing), so I can’t help but question why she likes it even if it’s just out of curiosity. That is a game I would absolutely not recommend to anyone….

      It’s fine, don’t worry about it! Like I said before, you can come rant on here whenever you like!

  • Izumi

    haha, nope, the sandwich is made by the heroine ^^~ the only downside from this spin off is Jan is not making any appearance ORZ, but I love seeing both of the princes’ interaction lol.

    Same, I mean, I also didn’t like the art style for metro pd, but I didn’t reblog the CG just for bash it -_-” I remember when she boasting how she can make a better CG for Eduardo’s second sequel CG…and I just like, oh ok please show me your work then ? I really can’t take her seriously after I found out that she always tracing the artwork from ninja love artist and claimed it as original…oh, and she right now decide to hijack my friend’s post and posted her CG edit…oh speaking of ninja love, she also love to bash people who didn’t like nobunaga lol, sorry if people didn’t like him, since he creep me out in all the guys’ route…

    • Shabby

      Still good! Oh no, what? D: Was there any mention of him at all? That sounds really weird for him not to be around. Oh man, I’d really like to see that!

      Wait, she traces? I’ve no words. How someone can go off boasting about how much better her art is compared to commercial artists but traces and claims as her own at the same time just baffles me. That’s just absurd! Oh gosh, she does that, too? She doesn’t need to use other people’s posts to do something like that. What’s even the point? Oh gosh. Nobunaga’s the bad guy, right? Yeah, he creeps me out, too. Again, things like that aren’t to everyone’s personal preferences, but jeez there’s no need to bash someone for not having the same tastes as you! It shouldn’t surprise me every time I hear about a fan like that, but man does it still continue to do so….

  • Izumi

    unfortunately no =(, basically the story more focused on the heroine’s princess training with Joshua…and he was a very strict teacher, even scare Hans lot of time haha ^^;

    Yeah, from what I see, she seems traced down the official artwork from ninja love…but then again I don’t know whether she still tracing or not…yes, nobunaga is the main villain in the series, except for his main story…and she keep complaining for the lack of steamy scene for him, and many others…and I agree with you, nobunaga in ninja love is not the type which girl can easily liking him ^^; he’s cruel and pretty heartless, and I heard there’s an attempted rape scene in his route =/, not to mention his design is pretty weird lol…

    • Shabby

      Ah, I see. Awe man. It would have been really nice to see Jan in it. LOL I can really see that. Poor Hans! Was the Philip story like that, too? Or was it focused on something else?

      That sounds kind of weird if he’s not in his main story. Ugh, I guess she’s one of those types of fans ( ´_ゝ`). Wait, wtf? That’s terrible! Just thinking about it gives me the shivers…. Yeah, I think his design was intentionally made so that he doesn’t pique the interest of many, but I guess it still did? Then again, what do I know? ┐(‘~`;)┌

  • Izumi

    hahaha yeah, I felt bad when Joshua scolded Hans and said how someone like him can be a Dresvan’s butler…^^; I thought he’s going to cry at that time lol. Oh for Philip, it’s more like Hayden mistaken as Wilfred and end up kidnapped ^^; If I’m not mistake the kidnapper want some ransom from the royal family and they mistaken Hayden as Wilfred lol.

    Yeah, from what I heard it rather bit Stockholm syndrome-ish, so I’m not blaming anyone if they didn’t like him or some kind of that…btw, do you go to the anime expo at 3rd July ? I heard both voltage and ntt solmare open their both and giving some merchandise

    • Shabby

      POOR BABY! I guess he’s not used to the work that Jan gets ahaha! Ah, I see. I wonder now how Ivan’s is going to be, other than him obviously not having a grandfather that we are familiar with to meet.

      Oh gosh, so she gets kidnapped? Thinking about it now, wasn’t he trying to kill her in the other main stories? I WISH! But I live too far away to even afford to travel near the area :. I don’t care about NTT Solmare, but I have a friend who is going and she said she’ll try to buy stuff for me and I’ll pay her for it once it’s over. Even if I’m not going, I’m excited to see what it’ll look like. I’m not expecting something as big as with TGS, but aaaaahhhhh I would still love to see it! I don’t know what kind of things they’ll have, but I’m hoping there’s enough for even me to get, so fingers crossed! What about you?

  • Izumi

    haha yeah ^^; Sieg itself is not really that strict, I’m remembered when the heroine getting scolded by Joshua when they have breakfast, since the heroine commenting how the bread is delicious ^^; I’m pretty sure Joshua in that spin off haven’t meet the bmp season 1 heroine lol. He also refused to eat the heroine’s sandwich at first time, claiming it’s a commoner’s food

    Ah I see, I don’t know whether I’m going to attend it or not lol, but one of my friend are going to the expo and she going to help me to ordered one of nendoroid from here haha ^^; I don’t know whether she’s going to voltage’s both or not, since she didn’t like otome games that much..

    • Shabby

      Yeah, Sieg isn’t as strict with Hans as Joshua is with Jan. Oh no, my baby’s not in it ;______; If he complains about eating commoner food, then it definitely sounds like he hasn’t met her yet. Was it the same in the Philip story? Or was it implied that the Season 1 heroine was already there?

      Ah, so you live close enough to be able to afford going then. Lucky! There’s only very few conventions around here that I can afford since they’re in traveling distance, but only one major convention. I haven’t gone to any yet since I have no idea what’s there for me to get, and I’d hate to go and leave with nothing in hand :. Maybe you can ask her to stop by and take pictures for you when she gets the chance?

      • Izumi

        Hmm, to be honest, philip’s time slip spin off is rather bit unclear when it’s come to Wilfred’s personality, since he’s still pretty aloof but he gave both the heroine and Hayden a shelter after they meet for the first time..If I’m not mistaken he mentioned how the season 2 heroine is remind him of a girl..or some kind of that..^^;

        I plan to ask her for some photos lol, I’m still don’t know whether I’m going with her or not since I didn’t really like over crowded place orz…oh I see, I know that most smaller convention usually didn’t have too much official merchandise, but some of fan merchandise are pretty good lol. I even get some second hand rare dounjishi (which most of them are already sold out in Japan) when I’m attending a smaller con last year ^^;

        • Shabby

          I see. Maybe it happens not too long after he meets the heroine? I can only think that S2 heroine would remind him of either Cecile or S1 heroine, but she’s nothing like Cecile. I guess it just varies?

          Ah, my friend just told me recently that she won’t be able to go either. It looks like I’ll just have to wait until next time. Yeah, a friend of mine went to a convention recently and it didn’t sound like there was much official stuff. I don’t care much for fan merchandise, but I think I’d be willing to buy if it was really good. Oh gosh, really? That’s actually really good o___o

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