[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Takeda Shingen Main Story Guide

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Episode 4: Lord Shingen’s Mark
I: Take it.
II: “I have.”

Episode 5: The King of Flowers
I: “You really wish for me to have these…?”
II: “This is…very sudden.”

Episode 6: Troubles of the Heart
I: “Forgive me.”
I: “Are you sure…?”

Episode 7: The Lady’s Cloak, Dyed with Blood
II: “I’m all right now.”
II: Don’t do it.

Episode 8: Pinky Promises, Bound By Needles
I: Hide them.
II: “No.”

Episode 9: Light and Shadow
I: “Lord Kansuke?”
I: “He is.”

Episode 10: A New Way
II: Watch quietly.
II: “The smoke just stings…”

Episode 11: The Tryst
I: “I suppose so…”
II: (How am I going to tell him…?)

Episode 12: The Hope of the Takeda
I: “Takeda does not surrender!”
II: Say nothing.

Episode 13: What Do You Live For? (Divine End)
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Episode 13: Reunion (Nobel End)
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January 16, 2017
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  • lemonadetea

    Hi again ~ Thanks for this guide ! I’m using it for cleared Shingen’s divine ending ^^ and now I’m going to clear his noble ending, I’m still not a big fans of his but his story is very bittersweet somehow…I’m still little bit uncomfortable with some things that happened in his route sadly..

    This is not voltage related, but have you played a NDS otome game “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s side”? It’s actually one of the oldest otome game lol (released on 2002 back then on ps2), The game itself can be classified as one of the hardest otome game lol, Since you need to raise your status if you want to get guy’s confession along with avoiding the bomb (basically the other guys will start getting hurt if you ignored him for quite a time =x and if a bomb exploded…your affection with everyone will decreased). I remember playing this game back at 2003…I didn’t understand any Japanese and I failed like multiple time trying to get any of the guy’s ending lmao. It’s the game that forced me to learn Japanese actually xD. The second and third game is pretty amazing ! I haven’t seen any new game beside the social game (which is a spin off…)

    I’m sorry for raving too much about tokimemo xD, I just recently replayed the game again and has lot of nostalgic feeling ^^; It’s sad that most people didn’t know about this game…I guess because it’s pretty old and the gameplay can be pretty tedious orz”

    • Hola! I’m glad to hear that it’s been helpful! I skimmed through a bit of it, but I can’t say I’m impressed. Honestly speaking, the whole time my head was in a mindset that the heroine would still have eventually ended up with Yukimura in the end, even after Shingen’s death. In the sense of how it was written, I would have absolutely expected for it to happen. There were too many clues/foreshadowing for it to not happen! (Or maybe I’m just still bitter over Shingen.)

      I HAVE AND I FAILED MISERABLY. It’s the game that cemented my dislike of stat-raising games!! I WANT TO COMPLETE IT SO BADLY BUT I CAN’T WITHOUT A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE AND IT HURTS. KEI WHY. I remember when the game with the Live2D came out (I think it’s the third game?) and I really wanted to try it, BUT LOL STAT-RAISING AGAIN. I couldn’t do it ;;OTL. I REMEMBER THOSE BOMBS AND I HATED IT. I didn’t know how to fix it so I would set up a date with the guy and then not show up, and the bomb would still be diffused. But then about a year or so ago, someone told me that that actually makes it worse??? I DON’T KNOW??? I tried to replay it some time before that but the guide I was using just confused me… TOO MUCH VARIABLE. CAN’T COMPRENDE. Love Revo and Storm Lover both got an English patch, but they’re still stat-raisers so I’m not sure I want to try them myself! AND I HEAR THEY’RE A REALLY GOOD GAMES ;;OTL I thought about trying the restaurant game, but I saw a guide to play it and it seemed difficult, so I didn’t bother ; ;

      No worries! I hear it’s a great game and it’s definitely a classic. But yeah, I think most people nowadays don’t know about it because of how old it is, it’s originally on a dead console, and there’s no official English release (only fan-patch, which is tedious on it’s own). I also think the actual stat-raising and time-management can get frustrating. I know there’s an English VN dev who made a game with very simple puzzles and there were still complaints about it being too tedious. Compared to that, TokiMemo is on steroids! Horoscope, event planning, time management, passing tests, club management,… etc. ;;OTL AND THAT VALENTINE CHOCOLATE MINI-GAME I THINK I ONLY EVER GOT IT RIGHT ONCE

      • lemonadetea

        Yeah, I actually end up attached to Yukimura too in the end XD;; I always thought I’m the only one who didn’t care for him, Since almost everyone seems really like him a.lot ^^; It seems people are really like him not because the storyline, but it because there’s smut on later chapter…It’s weird since I don’t mind smut in Kenshin’s route but in his route it just…????

        Hahaha, I feel your pain ^^; I also chased after Kei back then and didn’t know that you must have ALL parameter at 140-150 xD;; and I end up meet all the guys and getting bombed like almost everyday lmaoo. I learned that you can utilize all the girlfriends and choose the right club to avoid meeting other guys ^^; Honestly the game force you to multi tasking and manage your schedule…The teacher is the 2nd hardest If I’m not wrong, since he’s the only one who can call you on date >< I always end up skipped the sport event altogether T^T.

        • The Divine Ending didn’t help with seeing Yukimura as the OTP! I have to say, I liked the ending because of the implications (and maybe because I’m still bitter about Shingen…….). I’ve seen a lot of people go crazy over him, but I never paid much mind to it since there’s always that one character that will get a huge following even before the story comes out. But going through the story myself, there really isn’t much that sets him apart from the rest other than his sickness and that there’s smut in his story. I thought it was sweet in Kenshin’s route, but I couldn’t stand it in Shingen’s. Shingen’s jusut felt like they were throwing it in there for the sake of having smut in it. Even when the heroine found out she was pregnant, I couldn’t help rolling my eyes thinking, “Well of course, what did you expect????”

          I didn’t know about Kei’s parameters until it was long after I started! I actually ended up with the best friend ending with the smart girl because I was so bad at it. OTL Oh my gosh, bombs every day sounds like a nightmare for that game! Hm, I don’t recall the guide I used say anything about avoiding meeting other guys. Maybe that’s why I failed so much ;;OTL LOL I FORGOT ABOUT THE TEACHER. HE CREEPED ME OUT. I tried avoiding him so much when I played, but he still came up! Stop giving a student flowers! How is he the second hardest to get if you can’t get rid of him!?

          I’m not familiar with the characters or the story. I just remember seeing the advertisement and freaking out about Live2D. Live 2D was still really new, but again, no way I’d play it, so I didn’t look into it more. Ergh, now I really feel like picking up the game again, but I know I’m just going to fail! /sobs

          I forgot about that, too! I didn’t know how to read Hiragana or Katakana, and I had no idea how to input Kanji, so I think I just went with whatever name in the game. If they said the name, I probably never caught it or realized they were using the EVS system ; ; I think that even if they ported the games as a bundle or just individual for the newer consoles (OR HEY EVEN MOBILE), there would be very little chance of it being released in English, which is a shame. Most people I see who want to play otome games want something they can relax with. TokiMemo is a game where you really need to concentrate and manage your time/activities/stats/everything in a way that will give you the ending you want. And because it’s a long game, even the smallest mistake can derail you from the ending, and then you’d have to play all over again, which adds to frustration…….

          Oh gosh, that sports one! I know for sure that I at least got one chocolate right, but I never managed to even understand how to do the sports mini-game!

          Oh yeah, have you seen the Tsuki no Shou of Tenka? What are your thoughts? From what my source has given me, it seems really interesting, but I don’t want to get too excited before it comes out….

          • lemonadetea

            Yeah, I also thought Yukimura is stealing the spotlight loll He just so sweet and it’s makes me want to replaying his MS again ^^; Wow, you’re share the same thought as me…I always thought the smut in Shingen’s route it just to made the story more “spicy” and makes him more or less the most “alpha” character in the game…even the divine epilogue makes me uncomfortable…The heroine keep mentioning her mark is plain weird =/. Kenshin’s Divine epilogue is more sweeter…

            Hahaha his parameter requirement is so high and you can accidentally get the girl’s ending too if you’re not careful ^^; As the avoid meet the other guys is more an advice from other players haha ^^; Oh the creepy dude is apparently your principal o__o, He even invite you to the swimming pool (I’m not joking…) and made a creepy comment about your swimsuit too x__x, There’s another teacher too ! He’s your homeroom teacher the strict one that you meet in the beginning ^^. He’s 100% more better than the creepy moustache principal orz.

            I’m not lying that at first I dislike the 2d things too lmao, I end up getting used to it but some of the expression is little bit weird o___o. I don’t know tho whether it just my copy, but my game often freezes up orz” and there’s lot of bug too =x so I’m not really recommend it…

            I used to making lot of weird name on the ps2 version (the DS and PSP are more limited) xD;;…I’m agree that tokimemo is a game that require lot of trial and error and a single mistake can destroy your ending =x, not to mention lot of their system are pretty vague too, I remember trying to get the best friend ending (basically you end up friend zoned a guy) and failed like 4 times…Apparently you need to see an event first before getting the ending -__-.

            Oh I have seen the characters ! I’m still little bit mixed up about the game thought =x, I only like Saizo’s brother so far ^^; The red haired guy is little bit creepy…I wonder if some of the samurais will be making appearance or not…since it’s still on the same timeline right ?

          • Yukimura is the most precious! (o´艸`o) Yeah, it was too much for it to be meaningful anymore. I kind of felt cheated because immediately took to him as their bias solely because of that, or at least because of that more than anything else about his character over other characters. I didn’t bother reading the Epilogue because lol I was already done with him.

            Really? I didn’t even know that, but it doesn’t surprise me that you can easily be derailed from Kei’s ending. WHY IS THIS GAME SO HARD. OH GOSH, IT IS! I COMPLETELY FORGOT THE TEACHER WAS SOMEONE ELSE. EFF THE PRINCIPLE. I remembered the teacher when you mentioned the principal because I managed to get the heart nearly full with the teacher because I accepted the school field trips??? And I was just like, “uh no” and avoided them after that. BUT THE PRINCIPLE! WTF ABOUT THE SWIMMING POOL! Yeah, at least the teacher doesn’t come on so much as the principle! I needed brain bleach after the flowers part!

            I haven’t really played anything with Live2D for very long. My experience at most is the simple one used in Koi Cafe. With the art, I expected the Live2D in TokiMemo to be better, but I guess not? Oh gosh, and let me guess, no patch releases for it? That’s a bummer. I’d have thought that with such a well-known franchise and the implementation of Live2D (!!!) that they’d have put more attention and care to it to make sure it was at its best when it was released….

            Oh gosh, I don’t think I even knew there was a best friend ending when I played it. It sounds familiar, but I think I found out about it after I had dropped the game? Ergh, the events are tedious, too. Missing even a single one can, again, derail you from the ending you want. If there was a precise 100% guaranteed guide for the game, I would have no doubt that a lot more people would have tried it, but alas….

            My source hasn’t given me much on the characters. They’ve given a good amount for story, but even then I have to say that I like Sakuya and Hotaru so far. I don’t know much about Genya yet, and I’m a bit mixed on Hanzo and Sasuke. Haven’t heard a thing on Kyouichirou. I still have a lot of questions that I’m hoping get answers, but the official release of the game seems so far away. And I won’t be able to keep up with it after that, either…. I’m not sure how I feel about it getting an English release, though. If we do get it in English, I’m afraid of how they’ll distinguish between the two Sasuke’s. Apparently, Sasuke from Tsuki adopted(?) Sasuke from Hana and gave him the same name since it’s not uncommon for parents to give their children the same name or something. The heroine calls them “Sasuke-san” (Tsuki) and “Sasuke-kun” (Hana). Sasuke-san calls Sasuke-kun “ちび”…. I’m scared the current English translator will just jumble everything up or come up with something ridiculous for it……..

          • lemonadetea

            He and Masamune are the most precious character in the series ; ; They both are so cute in their own way and I can see both of them are so devoted to the heroine ;__; I used to think Mitsuhide is like them too…but his recent event makes him more like Shingen instead D: what with him and his obsession to sleep with the heroine at inappropriate place ? -__-

            Yep, I heard you can get the girl’s ending if you didn’t fulfill the guy’s parameter and the girl is more closer to you D: The principal is so something…I have seen his event at Christmas and he keep mentioning about the age difference =x which makes his route more creepier…Haha, Have you seen the scene where he comes out from a rose bush ? or the library when he said the heroine is an angel xD;;

            Nope, Konami didn’t bother to release a fixation patch or whatsoever. The bug is also preventing you to get the new character too D: I basically can’t meet him even I already fulfill his requirement ><

          • THEY ARE ; ; They’re the most adorable, and I love seeing how they show their love and respect to the heroine. I don’t think I ever felt that way about Mitsuhide, though. He seemed very in-control of himself to be cute in the way Yukimura and Masamune are. Oh, I read one of the events where he was imprisoned and they… had sex on the floor of the prison… wtf. I think there was one where they did it outside on the veranda and Mitsuhide didn’t care if Nobunaga was watching??? That was so weird and left a very bad taste to me……….

            Oh, that makes sense. So tedious OTL. LOL WTF??? I HAVEN’T SEEN THOSE. Oh gosh I don’t ever want to see those wTF

            The heck? How do they allow a bug to exist if it doesn’t let you get a character??? I mean, even with bad sales, they should have at least released a bug fix for THAT. But I guess low sales does explain why there aren’t anymore GS games. Now it sounds like the mobile game was a kind of last resort type of thing :

            oH. THAT SOUNDS AWFUL. I thought it would be more like one of those “more than friends, not quite lovers” type of things…. Ergh, the temptation to play it again is strong but uGH IT’S SO HARD. I haven’t played any of the new Voltage games, but I still prefer the heroines in games like BMP/2, MFW, and SLB: P.

            I think you’ll get more info on them in their Common Routes. As far as I’m aware, the Prologue doesn’t really give much on the individual guys. Oh, I remember wondering if it was Hana Sasuke when he was first revealed, but I had my doubts because it seemed like too much of a major change between as a child and as an adult. But yes, Tsuki Sasuke is a different person. They’re not even blood related. The heroine was even shocked at the idea that Tsuki Sasuke was a father, but they explained it that Tsuki Sasuke took in Hana Sasuke. All they share is the same name. In the Common Route, because Tsuki Sasuke brought the heroine into Shingen’s place, Yukimura and Hana Sasuke took it as Tsuki Sasume “taking her in/adopting”. So Hana Sasuke called himself her “big brother” even though he’s younger because he was there first. It took me a while to understand it (because Japanese asafjalkjdgaoj), but that’s pretty much the gist of it. I’m pretty sure that making Tsuki Sasuke’s hair and eye color the exact same as Hana Sasuke just made the confusion worse…. Yeah, I’m not confident that Tsuki will be released in English. It would definitely be a surprise, but I highly doubt it. SLB: P would still need to be running in some way because Tsuki looks like it’ll be in the same app, not a different one. Yes, it does! I think especially with Nobunaga since it looks like he’s important to the story. Basically, the heroine is from a ninja village who serves Nobunaga, but the village gets attacked and they wonder if it was Nobunaga who sent the attackers, so they question if he has abandoned them or not. And when it looks like the heroine might go against him, Nobunaga sends Sakuya to bring her back? I’M NOT TOO SURE ABOUT IT ALL SO I NEED ANSWERS……… I did! And yeah, I’m pretty disappointed in them. The moment I saw them, all I could think of was “what??” I have to say that I like Shingen’s better……..

  • That’s probably what I hate the most. It’s not a fair comparison between Shingen and Yukimura or Masamune because their dynamics are completely different. Yeah, that kind of pushed me away from liking Mitsuhide as much as I did before.

    Wtf??? How did Konami let it get that bad, though??? Low sales shouldn’t affect whether or not a console game gets the patches it needs to work correctly…. Slow? Did they make the skinship longer or something?

    LOL WHAT. The poor guys, it’d probably break my heart to play for best friend endings ; ; Wtf even happened LOL. That sounds so different from the original GS game…. Ergh, I wouldn’t be able to stand playing with a heroine like that. I’d probably make holes in the wall ;OTL How do the guys even fall for her with the way she treats them??? YES. MORE HEROINES LIKE FROM BMP/2 AND SLB: P. AND MFW.

    Yeah, there was no way Sasuke would grow so much with Hotaru looking the same. From what source sent me, she didn’t seem annoying at all. There’s a part where I believed she didn’t think things through in the Common Route, but she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She’s got a good sense of responsibility and she cares a lot about the people around her. The only thing that had me roll my eyes was that Tsuki Sasuke is her first love, and the Prologue said that he saved her from falling off a cliff. It really implies that she fell in love with him because he saved her, and I’m really tired of that trope, honestly…. Oh! I didn’t look into it when they were revealed on the profiles, but the animals are apparently like their companions? The heroine calls the monkey Sakuya’s “使役動物”. Sasuke is seen with the hawk early in the Prologue, and Sakuya with the monkey monkey in the Common Route. I wasn’t paying much attention to Hanzo, but Genya didn’t have one with him when he appears. I’m sure the animals will appear in their routes, though. The heroine doesn’t seem to have one, but it would have been interesting if she did! Yeah, Kenshin’s doesn’t really look related to him other than the color maybe? I kind of liked Yukimura’s, I can’t really remember Saizo’s, but I remember feeling like they could have looked better….

    • lemonadetea

      The main reason why I really like slbp is there’s lot of variety with the guys…Sorry to said this but the recent voltage games (e.g scm, kbtb and the most recent dangerous seduction) characters are just didn’t interest me….I remember one character from dangerous seduction making fun of the heroine’s condition…I felt slbp characters are reminds me of the original mfw and bmp a lot ; ;

      Yeah It’s pretty weird actually, It’s like so rushed since the bug are so many…Oh basically to do the skinship in the psp version, you need to use the analogue and use the square, triangle or circle button…It’s more tedious actually since lot of time the guys just end up pissed off >< The guys even fighting with each other while the heroine act like "I don't know what to do…" It's sad since the third game actually is pretty good but I can't stand the heroine and the PVP system -___-, The guys are not really that great compared to the first two too.

      I'm so glad that the heroine is not like the ninja love one =/, I get that she's pretty sheltered but I can't stand it when she get sexually assaulted by the guys and think it's OK -__-. Hahaha, I guess she's pretty young hence why that happened ^^; I prefer if she just think he is her lifesaver not a "first love" tho…I see, I hope we can see the animals on action and have a significant role ^^.
      It's the dressing up system is the same like original tenka ? From what I seen it's seems most of the clothing is ninja suit based :o while tenka hana's are mostly kimono ^^;

      • Yeah, as far as all the Voltage games I’ve played, SLB: P has characters I haven’t seen yet in other games. I can say that even without knowing the characters, games like Dangerous Seduction and Irresistable Mistakes (the one-night stand one). The only thing that stands out to me for IM is that, according to the relationship chart, the main guy doesn’t dislike her from the start? Not sure why that stands out, though…. And honestly, I hate the Coin System, so I don’t even know if I’ll get into them. Someone said you can still buy the stories as normal without Coins, but that never seemed to work for me.

        I wonder why they rushed it…. Oh wow, really? So it’s still more difficult than the other games because the guys anger easily…. Ergh, if I can’t stand a game with stat-raising, adding something like that is just going to make it even worse for me ;;OTL

        LOL WHAT. That sounds like a huge warp in personality on the guys’ parts. I remember hearing about a love triangle thing for one of the games. I don’t like love triangles, so I don’t really see how that would give a satisfying ending.

        What bothered me about the Ninja Love heroine was how she was always depressed about not being “sexy” enough for the guys. From what I got, there hasn’t been any kind of similar suggestion yet. If the writer for Tsuki is the same as Hana, then for sure any kind of sexual assault isn’t going to be seen as any kind of OK. Yeah, there isn’t any mention of how old the characters are, and I can’t recall if the heroine mentioned when it was that Tsuki Sasuke saved her. Not to say that Tsuki Sasuke isn’t a good person. I just feel like “being saved” is a very superficial reason to fall in love with someone. Same here! Now that I think of it, though, Hana Sasuke has Momofuku, so I guess you can say that Tsuki animals are the same. Since at least Sakuya’s and Tsuki Sasuke’s animals appear very early on in the story, I want to assume that it means they have a significant role in the stories. Yeah, the dressing up system is the same. The only difference I see is that you now have a page for ninja outfits? Ninja outfits and kimono have separate pages in your Closet, but yeah I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll be getting more Ninja outfits than kimono. I was thinking it’d be very weird to not be using kimono in Tsuki, but I guess that answers the question!

  • LOL HARAGURO. IEYASU WHY. Yeah, I’m still “wtf??” about IM. I saw the English OP from the login campaign, and it just got to me more. The OP made implied that the heroine at (at least) the main guy continue to sleep together? Egh. I’ll pass. I’m sure you’re right. Even if there isn’t as much sexual content as other games, people will still swarm to it expecting smut.

    I was expecting the games to have different personality types for the guys, so it’s very surprising to hear that they all become something of masochists. And wtf, physical fighting??? lol yeah, no thanks.

    I’m still pretty sure I read somewhere that the heroine is 14 years old, so immediately I hated it lol. Even if she’s older, I still hate that kind of thinking. I still don’t know much about Tsuki, so I’m hoping it says somewhere that Sasuke saving her isn’t the only reason she’s in love with him. I don’t know if it was “love at first sight”, but he is definitely her first love. I saw! I haven’t even gone near it because I don’t have the time. ;;OTL I’m very curious as to what happens in the stories, but I might not be able to get to it until…. ten years from now maybe probably LOL

    Wtf??? I don’t know why it surprises me as much as it does that people act that way in these games. I can understand wanting to rank and clear and all that, but there’s no need to be mean to other people. I don’t understand how people can think that’s okay in any way. There’s really no excuse for it.

    • lemonadetea

      Hi ! Sorry for very late reply ^^; I have been inactive from tumblr and slbp for a while (Too much drama there, I have seen people bickering over Hideyoshi story event and the censorship on tenka which drained my interest -.-), Haha I have seen someone on slbp even named her last name as “TrashyYasu” which too extreme for me…If I don’t like the character, I probably just stay away from the said character, honestly I found the naming is pretty childish and rude for his fans =x. Oh and the app has been released right ? It seems people are already liking it lol. I didn’t like the artstyle and the story already makes me D:

      Wow, I always thought the heroine for ninja love is 16 or 17 years old seeing how explicit the sexual content is o___o. Have you tried the tsuki chapter ? I haven’t tried it since I’m quite busy lately ^^; It’s the gameplay is same as the hana chapter ? I only seen some CG preview back then…

      Ugh I honestly have no idea why she acted like that, Basically she’s become a “slbp celeb or famous” since she’s manage to get a high rank on every single story event and she’s also boasting that she has playing tenka…And I felt it’s more harder to find a decent friend on slbp, since most of them are only care for you if you’re a high ranker and if you no longer a high ranker then they forget you and found a new people to mooching of. Sorry for ranted to you again ><, I probably already quit slbp if not for the characters since the community is too toxic for me D:

      • No worries! I’ve been a bit busy myself ; ; Ah, I see. I’ve heard a bit about the Hideyoshi event thing, but honestly I’m not surprised by the story…. I can’t remember what exactly it was, but there was something he did in his MS that made the event thing unsurprising to me. Someone asked me about the censorship thing (Shingen’s CG, right?), but I’m not bothered by it, mainly because I still don’t like Shingen and I don’t very much care for those types of CG’s. I’ve seen petty usernames in Voltage social games before, but I have to say that a name like that is a first for me…. I don’t understand why people do that. Irresistible Mistakes? Yeah, I can see that a lot of people like it because it’s “mature” (lol). I like the art, but the story is eughs. The Prologue made the guys seem like creeps. The only one that I even felt the slightest bit of interest was the bartender because he seemed to be the only one to take the heroine’s feelings into consideration. Unfortunately, he’s last = = Two friends of mine don’t like it either, so it’s a relief to know I’m not the only one….

        I still have no idea where I read she was 14. I know that one of the first times I played it was when it was on GREE. I remember trying to look back in GREE to check if I had read it there, but I couldn’t find it. The same goes for the app version…. So while the general sexual and explicit stuff irked me, the thought of her being 14 just made me uncomfortable. I’ve only tried the very beginning of Tsuki, but I haven’t had the time to play it the way I want…. It’s the same as Hana, as far as I can tell. It’s kind of weird not to have a TOP page with all the news and stuff, though, lol.

        Oh gosh, that sounds awful. I never really got into making friends in social games except for MFW: P and BMP: P, but even then I don’t think I can really call them friends. They were nice and helpful, and we’d usually always be Event Mates, but that’s about it. You’re right, most high ranking players will only ever really get “close” to those who are at the same level, so I never bothered trying to make friends with them. It’s too much work. Play the game for yourself, not for others. Though it is more difficult to do so considering it’s a social game, you should play because you enjoy it. If there are people making it difficult to do that, then don’t bother with them. Play for you!

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