[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Oda Nobunaga Main Story Guide

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Episode 4: The Lord’s Displeasure
II: Give her an easy task.
I. “Is it really all right?”

Episode 5: Seto Village
I: “Where are we going!?”
I: “I’m so sorry…”

Episode 6: Love’s Trap
I: “I think I do understand.”
II: Apologize.

Episode 7: Kanegasaki
II: “Politics or not, I care about Lady Oichi.”
I: “I’m sorry.”

Episode 8: Two Brothers
II. “With pleasure, Milord.”
II: “Okay, so they’re not that pretty…”

Episode 9: The Lord’s Pride
II: “Is there nothing else to be done?”
I: Force a smile.

Episode 10: Nagashima
I. “I want to make sure she is all right.”
II. “I wanted you to have it.”

Episode 11: The Ties that Bind
II: “He told me to get out…”
I. “I only want to serve my Lord.”

Episode 12: Battle of Nagashino
II: Try to explain.
I: “It was a mistake.”

Episode 13: Devil’s Tears (Divine End)
No selection

Episode 13: The Words Denied to a Fool (Nobel End)
No selection

No selection

February 8, 2016
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  • silverstars

    Omg thank you! How did you manage to upload this so quickly?!

    • I have a source who can manage to get all the answers, and they are kind enough to share them with me so that I can post them here c:

      • silverstars

        oh i see, thank you and them then :D by the way, do you have any idea on how the characters work? it seems that there’s only 4 guys to romance at the moment but i thought in total there’s 12? ><

        • Thank you! ^^

          Yes, there will be 12 total characters to get a route. Currently, though, we only have 4 in English. The rest will be released later. As to when, I don’t know. There is usually an announcement released about new character routes coming soon, so keep your eyes open for those!

  • Riri

    Thank you <3

  • Aimi

    I don’t understand, what’s the correct answer? :0

    • Each Episode has two selections to make. These guides will only give you the correct answers for each choice. So, for example, when you reach the first time to make a selection, pick an answer, pick “II: Give her an easy task.”. When you reach the second time to make a selection, pick “I. “Is it really all right?””.

      I don’t put choices on these guides that don’t need to be made to get Chemistry. I only put the answers to pick.

  • Aimi

    I don’t understand, what’s the correct answer?

  • Lucie

    Im confused do i choose l or ll? Please help.. Id like to get noble ending hehehe

    • Choose all of the answers above when they show up. These guides will only give you the correct answers for each choice.

      Also, the Noble Ending is the equivalent of the Normal Ending, and does not have a Chemistry requirement to fulfill. If you want to get the Noble Ending, you don’t need to make the correct choices.

  • Icy

    Do we need to replay the route twice to play both of his endings, or can we play both endings without doing the same exact route again?

    • You need to replay the route twice.

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