[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Oda Nobunaga and Akechi Mitsuhide Starter Route Guide

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Episode 1: Nobunaga’s Poison Taster
I. “I’m probably just tired from the journey.” (For Mitsuhide)
II. “It’s all in your head.” (For Nobunaga)

I: Apologize. (For Mitsuhide)
II: Run away. (For Nobunaga)

Episode 2: Dangerous Dessert
I. “I’m only a baker, My Lord.” (For Mitsuhide)
II. Follow orders. (For Nobunaga)

I. “Of course I do.” (For Mitsuhide)
II. “That’s right.” (For Nobunaga)

Episode 3: Mercy and Kindness
I. “I’m afraid of heights!” (For Nobunaga)
II. “It’s too dangerous!” (For Mitsuhide)

I. Run! Just run! (For Mitsuhide)
II. I’m too scared to run! (For Nobunaga)

February 8, 2016
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  • YumiDax

    Sure this is right? For the first episode, I choose the for Nobunaga’s choice but it ended up with it saying I’m on Mitsuhide’s side…

    • I’m thinking that’s a mixup. When you make a choice, the arrow will go to the opposite side. The color that fills up the meter is the person you’re making the choices for. So while it’ll say you’re on Mitsuhide’s side because of the arrow, you’re still going for Nobunaga. Once the arrow is all the way to Mitsuhide, Nobunaga’s chibi will smile and a heart will appear near his head.

      Not sure what happened for it to say you’re on the opposite, though.

  • Riri

    Im slightly confused by how this game works. so if I choose the answer of Nobunaga his chemistry will went up and then????????? i get to choose him in the last route? as my partner… i guess this how this game works right? :)

    • I haven’t played through enough to choose an individual route, but from my skimming of the JP version, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. The Starter route covers the first four Episodes of each pair. Once you complete the fourth episode, you will continue to Episode 5 on one character’s Main Story route.

  • Emmy Wade

    You have who the answers for mixed up the ones for Mitsuhide are for Nobunaga and vis versa

    • It’s a mixup. For example, when you choose an answer for Nobunaga, the arrow will go towards Mitsuhide and say you’re on Mitsuhide’s side. The meter doesn’t work with the arrow, it works with the color that fills the meter. If the meter gets filled with red, then you are gaining Chemistry with Nobunaga. If the meter gets filled with purple, then you are gaining Chemistry with Mitsuhide. When you’ve made all the choices for either one and the meter is completely filled with their color, their chibi will smile and a small heart will appear next to their head.

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