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Episode 4: Strange Resemblances
I: “I don’t want to be trouble…”
I: “I really am just worried about her.”

Episode 5: Fated to Fall in Love
I: “Nothing really…”
II. “We wanted to get some sweets…”

Episode 6: In Defense of Rejection
I: “You’re right.”
II: “…”

Episode 7: The Hairpin, Dripping Blood
II. “Be your friend…as a woman?”
I: (Still, I had better not…)

Episode 8: The Imprisoned Scholar
I: “Lord Mitsunari, let me… ”
I: “I’m a cook, that’s how we are.”

Episode 9: Departure
II: Grin like an idiot.
I: “Well, I won’t fall then!”

Episode 10: Creatures of the Moonlight
I: “All you have to do is find it again.”
I: “You’re worried about me?”

Episode 11: To Serve… or Protect
II: (Now is not the time…)
II: “We’ll protect Nagahama.”

Episode 12: The Musk of Old Books
I: “What’re you going to do dressed like that?”
I: “I might be…”

Episode 13: A Day of Eternal Sorrow (Divine End)
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Episode 13: A Vow to the Eternal Sky (Nobel End)
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August 16, 2016
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  • lemonadetea

    Hey Shabby, I have some question for you, do you think the popularity of gossip girl party and samurai love ballad party is still going strong ? I just recently seen the recent survey for GGP and apparently they ask about past events sales, and It makes me wonder whether voltage are going to stop GGP after this ? I know they’re going to release doubt game next, but I just really hope they can maintain more than 3 party games ;__;

    SLBP so far still very popular, I having a hard time to maintain the ranking recently ^^; lot of newcomers are so competitive and the users mostly can achieve the campaign thing (e.g the 10 million konpeito and taiyaki) and beside the recent onigiri campaign (where the users only manage to collect 10 million onigiri)…I really hope slbp still can going strong for quite a time, seeing the events and items from tenka makes me jealous ;___;

    And I also want to share my opinion about…well the translation (I get that this thing can be very sensitive), I admit that the translation for Ieyasu Main story is far away from perfect, there’s lot of thing that bothered me that time and I even end up sending the slbp team message on tumblr and email, and they replied to my email saying that they are going to improve their translation. I don’t know If you already play Mitsunari Main story or not, but the translation for his story is an improvement compared to Ieyasu Main story, sure there’s few things that little bit off but I didn’t see weird things like “in chapter 7” thing lol. I just really hope both the translator and editor can be more consistent and didn’t made any weird remarks on the dialogue…

    Wow, sorry for the wall of text >_< I just little bit carried away ^^;

    • I saw that survey! I thought the same thing, too! I’m not sure how popular GG: P and SLB: P are, but I’m sure they’re not doing as well as they are in Japan (pretty sure that’s a given for any Voltage game). I don’t play GG: P, but it’ll be disappointing to see another PARTY game go because it didn’t do well enough….

      I still “play” SLB: P. It’s more like “skip everything and read later” since I don’t have much time because of work ;;OTL I read what I can, so I’m not very far behind. There’s no way I can get near the Rankings in SLB: P, though I figured it might be because the players are more aggressive than in BMP: P? I remember getting pretty close in BMP: P, but work might also be getting in the way this time /sobs. The events don’t seem as hard to clear, though. I’ve been able to fullclear each one with enough time to spare, so I’m happy about that. But yeah, maybe SLB: P is just more popular? I remember there being a type of similar campaign in BMP: P where all the players had to raise points, but it didn’t look like we made it. Voltage still released the prize, though, so no idea about that. I really do hope SLB: P can last much longer. I love the pace the event stories are taking, the items are great, avatar items are gorgeous, and I love the stories. I’ll really be disappointed if Voltage cancels it. ; ;

      I haven’t played through Ieyasu’s route yet, but I’m “playing” through Mitsunari’s right now (again, “skip now, read later”). I wanted the robe item from his campaign, but I figured I might as well see how far I can get. I did hear a lot about how off Ieyasu’s was, though…. I thought SLB: P as a whole was a huge improvement from BMP: P when it was released, so I don’t know how it got near BMP: P level translations. It’s very weird to see inconsistencies. Example being like how, in recent events, Shigezane calls the heroine “Doll”, but I don’t recall him ever calling her that in Masamune’s or Kojuro’s Main Stories or even in previous events. I’m not sure how I feel about that…. I’m really, really hoping the translation gets improved because I absolutely love this game.

      It’s fine! You don’t have to worry about walls of text to me. It’s hard to get your feelings out in just a few sentences, so take up as much space as you’d like ^^

  • Ah, no problem. Yeah… I’ve seen how it can get since I’ve had some things to say on there, too. It still does not cease to amaze me how people can be ridiculous in their arguments. I guess I keep forgetting that there are still people like that. I’ve been in multiple fandoms for many years, so it all just seems like a repeat to me and I forget that there are people who aren’t like me in that aspect and are even younger than me…. No worries, no offense taken. Yeah, I’m tired of arguing about the BMP: P/SLB: P translations at this point. I’ve already said my stance, so I’m done with that. I won’t bother with anyone arguing like they didn’t even read what I wrote so *shrugs* As for the election, I haven’t paid much attention to it other than seeing Scorpio win for once. I’m kind of scared to ask about it….

    I’m sure all of Voltage’s games are a ton more popular in Japan, but Tenka is crazy LOL. I mean, they managed to get partial voice in the game so woah. I didn’t have the chance to try the Rank back then because uh work…. But yeah, I’ve noticed that the top players are very competitive. Oh wtf, really? How the heck even…??? I know Voltage said there was cheating in the election, so I don’t know what to think. That makes the whole Rank unfair for everyone else who is playing correctly : Seriously, it’s already enough of a challenge to do any of that without people cheating ugh…. Hopefully it’s just a rumor and the players are just very aggressive in playing…. Oh, that’s right. With only one ending each, it’s a lot easier to full clear since we don’t have to worry about repeating a route. I really hope it stays like that. And with no choices, we don’t need to worry about making sure we pick the right choice~ Same, I’d really hate to see the game get cancelled. I understand Voltage would need to cut it if it’s not making the numbers, but it’s such a good game! I really hope it lasts, too ; ;

    Ugh, BMP: P was just awful. There are still parts in SLB: P that I come across that feel off and make me go back to see the Japanese comparison. I know SLB: P tends to sexualize lines a lot more and talk a lot about lust. Like for the current event, one of the ones that stuck out to me was the opening’s last line added something about “lust” when the JP version said nothing of it…. Other than the usual weird translations, that’s what throws me off the most. Oh, I don’t think I’ve seen that yet. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one of the guys (Ieyasu?) call the heroine something like that, but I don’t know about others. That doesn’t bode well with me at all…. I can’t understand the fiscal report for my life ヽ(。_゜)ノ It looks like it’s doing good, but yeah, it’s rather confusing for me ;;OTL

    • lemonadetea

      I actually has been on a lot of fandom too and since voltage fandom is quite small compared to mainstream manga / anime / tv series fandom, if someone makes a drama then a whole fandom suddenly affected by the drama…oh the election thing, it just the fandom once again blame voltage for the whole “cheating” and making up a conspiracy theory.

      And I just hope I didn’t sounds like a hypocrite, I actually really glad that slbp has been quite popular but on the other side, I really can’t stand the fandom, I can’t stand like 99% of the headcanon and fanfics, they’re basically messing up with the characters, I mean someone made a fanfic where Masamune CHEATING on the heroine, I just like WTF ?? he’s very devoted to the heroine and cheating is like never existed on his mind, honestly I was very angry at that time, since the fandom can’t appreciate the character and just made up their own personality -_-, I seeing lot of “daddy” jokes for Kojuro and Shingen…I have heard that there’s lot of “claiming character” drama too on twitter..

      Yeah the popularity is very huge compared to the other SNS games ^^; I also amazed that they even get partial voiced as you mention lol. Yeah the ranking competition is very competitive especially on the last fever lol or when there’s a betrayal call for battle event ^^; it’s more like how many pearl you can use. Well, some people are getting suspicious sadly =(, I only know one player is admit that she spend lot of money just to stay on the top but one user is little bit suspicious since at the start of event she manage to rack a very high point…I really hope it’s just gossip, but I really hate if the user is indeed cheating, since there’s lot of users that playing fair and deserve the ranking items more than a cheater…

      I guess they just want to relating to the overseas fandom that they using more explicit language ? I still felt it’s not necessary since mfw party using a PG language and it’s successful. Ugh, yeah the lust thing…I still didn’t see why they feel use that -__-. Ieyasu use the term wh*re to the heroine If I’m not mistaken, I’m not really remember anything since the translation is very off at that time and one npc has been stealing my attention on his route lol.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen some posts from mother fandoms get thousands of notes on Tumblr. It’s insane. Ah, I see. I have to admit, I’m rather curious how the whole cheating thing even happened. I didn’t participate in the election, but it seemed pretty clear cut on getting ballots and using them to vote. It’s kind of hard to see how someone could cheat? Unless the JP fandom joining made Voltage think people were cheating? I have no idea….

        I know what you mean. I love when more people start to like the games, but a lot of what the fandom does irks me. Especially things like with what you mentioned with Masamune. He’s completely devoted to the heroine, and as someone who has very deep-rooted issue with women, I can’t see how Masamune would even be able to stand being near another woman other than the heroine. This is a guy who was just about ready to kill a woman because she was coming on to him >____> I hate when people completely ignore things about a character just so they can “headcanon” their story. “Daddy” wtf. I don’t even want to think about that…. “Claiming character”? The heck even is that???

        I forgot to mention it in the last comment, but Tenka LB even got a stage play! That’s crazy! The most any of the other games got was either a drama CD or an OVA (Ryoichi), so getting a stage play means it’s gotten huge! There have been very few Ranking prizes that I liked at all, so for me it’s not so much a bother not to get it. That and I would never have money in my wallet if I tried to rank OTL Oh wow, props to that player for being so persistent. If it’s all good for her to spend so much on the game, then *applauds*. Oh, does that happen in every event? I know there was a Town Event in BMP: P where a friend of mine played a bit of the Main Story (I think) before joining the event. She joined about five or so minutes after it started, but she immediately got 500 items in it. When I mentioned to her that she was ranked #1 with 500 of the items, she freaked because she didn’t do anything to get 500 items. We figured it was just a glitch. I was thinking it might be the same thing with that one suspicious user, but it would be too much to be a glitch if it happened with every event…. Yeah, it’s not fair that someone would spend so much time, effort, and money in a game only to be beaten by someone who’s cheating.

        That’s what I’m thinking because I don’t see any other reason why they would do it. Exactly! MFW: P never did that, and it’s Voltage’s longest running social game in English so far. I get rather repulsed(?) at the very mention of “lust”, so I can’t stand it being used so much in the game. Aha, I still haven’t had time to catch up. I finally managed to get through Mitsunari’s route for the campaign hair avatar item. I don’t think I’ll be touching the MS for a while now ;;OTL

        • lemonadetea

          The fandom is also can’t accept any differing opinion, I actually have seen the “old vs new” apps things that will be always end up with fighting and debating…Basically the older app fans always insulting the newer apps, saying it’s more shallower, boring and so on. I also someone who prefer the older apps too, but I would never insulting the newer apps like that, since I know there’s lot of people who prefer the newer apps…oh and mostly those are the people that still getting angry that voltage cancelled bmp and scp party -__-,seriously it’s getting old and some people need to realize that BMP party is not successful even on the Japan market and SCP is just not really that popular compared to GGP,MFWP and SLBP.

          I’m glad that you share my sentiment ;__; I blacklist the slbp tag since I can’t stand most of the headcanon or fanfic there, too much smut and Out of character things that makes me pissed off -__-” Oh, and we should never complain about the smut or we will be labeled as “nun” or “prude” like I always and has been someone who prefer a slow build but meaningful relationship instead of full blown, out of nowhere smut that didn’t have any meaning, one of my friend even said to me, “Is the voltage fandom is only know smut ? they sounds like so thirsty over a fictional dude”.
          As for claiming character thing…basically it’s only happened on twitter, ever since we get the war council thing for battle event, people start making Role play account for slbp character and that’s where the character claiming thing happened, basically those users claim the slbp characters as their “husband” (yes this is really happened…) and start fighting if someone also liking the same character orz.

          Ah I’ve seen the stage play ! I’ve heard that stage play has been booming on Japan lately so I’m not surprised seeing voltage making a stage play for tenka . Haha, I also only try to rank if the prize interest me enough ^^; It’s has been getting harder just to stay at 300 rank, let alone 100 lol. I only know one user known as Gwen or Guen ? that always been on the top even from the start of the event and people accuse her for cheating…but she already said that she can do that because she spend money for those game, but lately I haven’t see her on the top 10. I’ve seen some users claimed to have multiple account…I don’t know tho whether it’s illegal or not…

          My friend and me start to think whether the SF studio is the one who doing the translation recently, since there’s lot of difference between the older game translation and the newer game translation but these are just a speculation ^^; Congrats for getting the hair ~ It’s one of my favorite too, and Mitsunari’s route is one of my favorite route for now, It’s very bittersweet.

          • I don’t get the whole “newer apps vs. older apps” argument. Like, whether or not you like a certain app is all based on preference and opinion. I couldn’t stand playing MSB, but a good portion of the fandom seems to have it as their favorite. I love PiL, BMP/2, and DDiWT, and I loved Ayato’s and Ichiya’s routes in MLFK. I even enjoyed SitS. But those are just based on my own preferences. That doesn’t mean any one of them is factually “better” than another. I may not like an app, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong for someone else to like it so ヽ(。_゜)ノ I’m still of the opinion that BMP: P wasn’t supposed to last very long, so I don’t see how complaining about that is going to help any. SC: P, on the other hand, is a different story. The JP version is still going, but that doesn’t mean that it was successful enough to stand over here. I’m pretty sure that if it was, Voltage wouldn’t have cancelled it.

            I can’t stand most headcanon and fanfic, period lol. I don’t get why people will label others as a “nun” or “prude”. Not everyone is into sex, not everyone enjoys anything having to do with sex. It’s like they’re completely forgetting that not only are there people who are asexual, but that there are people who have gone through events/moments in their lives that have added up to them being repelled by it for whatever reason. I’m the same as you, then. I’m only ever okay with it when the relationship has built up enough and it feels right. Anything too fast just feels detached and lacking emotion for me, and makes me feel like them saying “I love you” is a lie. I know that’s not what Voltage and the writers are going for, but I just can’t see it any other way…. Yeah, I’ve seen some people talk waaaaay too much about that. It makes me think that the smut is all they’re interested in, and that’s disappointing….

            Wow, wtf. That’s not how that works so why do they think it will? People will like what they like. They don’t need to answer to anyone for that yeesh.

            Oh wow, really? That explains why Voltage chose to do a stage play instead of something else. (A drama CD would have been nice, but we already got two aha ;;;;;; ) Ouch, and here I am never having been able to get out of the 1000 ranks. I remember Gwen. She was always at the top of all the social games and events like holy ∑(゜Д゜;) I never thought of her cheating, just that she was rich lol. Yeah, I haven’t seen her in any rank lately. Maybe she got busy with other stuff? Oh, yeah, I don’t remember anything about having multiple accounts being against the rules. I’ve had mule accounts ever since I started playing BMP for GREE, but I stopped with the newest PARTY games because only one of my devices was able to play at all. I got another one, but now I don’t even use the previous one lol. I’m not trying as hard as I did with these games before, so I doubt I’ll even bother with ever making another mule.

            Yeah, I don’t know either. I remember reading a story from MFW that was new at the time and the wording in it had been a bit different than what was used when MFW first came out. It was startling, but it wasn’t a huge difference. I don’t know how it is now. I also remember seeing screenshots from MLFK where it looks like the translator tried to use “hip” language in it. I honestly had no idea wtf it was trying to say…. Maybe they just hired different translators in between? *Joshua Sequels flashbacks* The hair is so nice~ I really like the hair in Masamune’s birthday set, but I can’t buy it ugh…. MITSUNARI’S ROUTE IS SO SAD. I love this writer but my gosh does it hurt 。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that before. I have to say that other than MLFK, I haven’t really had enough interest in any of the newer games to buy and play the first routes like I used to, though I’m not sure if that’s because of loss of interest or because I can’t sit down and play something anymore…. I know I did want to play SCM, BUM, EoS, and ASA at some point, but I never got any further than opening the game so uh yeah, I don’t think that counts….

    Still??? I’m pretty sure that as a business, it would be stupid to cancel a game if it’s raking in profit, so I don’t see how they would cancel it if it was bringing in the numbers. If the games were not just more popular but more successful in downloads, players, and profits, then it might still be going on now, but that’s apparently not what happened. And for the West, I think it’s even more crucial to make those numbers, which might be harder to do since it’s still a growing market. I mean, there are a lot of people who are playing Mystic Messenger and have no idea what an otome game even IS. That already says a lot about how small the market still is here.

    If someone is upset that a game is lacking in smut, then… go find something else??? I don’t know how the newer games are and I’m going to completely ignore KbtBB in saying this, but of the games that I have played, Voltage never actually went further in smut than heavy implication and outright saying that the heroine and guy had sex, so I don’t know where they got the idea that smut was an actual thing in these games. I know that any actual smut in the games is a recent thing because of recent KbtBB stories and the SLB: P event Epilogues, so I don’t know why someone would purposely go into these games fully expecting it to be in all the games. I’m an adult as well, but that doesn’t mean that I am obligated to be okay with sex. That’s a very misguided, ignorant, and even a harmful way of thinking.

    Oh, I might have seen him? I remember seeing someone who might have had white hair in screenshots, but I can’t recall what he looked like. I’ll have to look it up. Oh wow, really? He’s a sub character, right? What the heck.

    Ooo I’ve seen some GIFs on Tumblr about some Live Action Haikyuu! actors, so that might be what it was about. Way to go, Voltage lol. I really do hope Voltage decides to sell DVD sets of the play. I WOULD BUY THEM IN A HEARTBEAT. GIVE ME A LE, CE, DE, WHATEVER EDITION THAT GIVES THE MOST ;A; I can already imagine some goodies that would be great to come with them, like a poster and thank-you cards from Voltage staff and stage staff, maybe signed items *A* I’m gonna stop before I make myself cry ugh…… As much as I’d like to see a drama CD for LB, I do think it would be strange from a business standpoint to do so since the old one already got CD’s ; ; . Yeah, I don’t think there’s a player in her time that didn’t know who Gwen was. I remember seeing somewhere online that someone thought I was Gwen because of the guides, and I just sat there thinking, “??? How??? She ranks in everything and I’m the complete opposite!!” None of my PARTY screenshots never used that name either, so I’m assuming they were joking lol. Ah, I see. I hope everything’s going well for her. It’s still weird not seeing her name as #1 anymore lol. Oh, I didn’t know that. If having more than one account was against the rules in Voltage’s games, they never said anything about it. I haven’t gone through their ToS lately, though, so there’s a chance they changed it? I should go over it again….

    Ergh, I want to ask if it’s like another Keith, but I have a feeling that it’s worse? Keith was nice in the social version and they made him even more rude, but Ieyasu is like that from the start, right? I still haven’t played his route, but I’m very nervous to…. Oh my gosh, those two were so sad ;__________; They’re so precious and I just want them to be happy and not feel sad about who they are anymore. I WANT THEM TO BE LOVED AND FEEL LOVED. I absolutely LOVED that the ending ended the way it did. It was very fitting and didn’t throw in sex for the heck of it like it did with Yukimura’s and Masamune’s endings. I’m still egh about those two, so I’m very happy to see Mitsunari’s like this~ I honestly feel like Yukimura’s and Masamune’s event stories were far more fitting of the “relationship leading up to sex” part because of who they are. Theirs needed to be slow because of their character, so I was happy with their events, too. I wasn’t aware about Yukimura’s thing with his mother and how her death came about, so his event explored it even more. It was so sad but I loved it all the same ; ;

  • I think the games are just a hit or miss with everyone, which applies to just about everything really. Some people liking one game won’t mean others will, and vice-versa. Oh, I saw that! I’m not sure yet? From the small bit that I got out of it, it sounds almost like it starts off by a one-night stand? I only looked at the first few lines, though. I’m not sure how to take it since the last time Voltage advertised one of the games starting off with a one-night stand, it was SC: P and a one-night stand never actually happened at the beginning. I want to wait for more info to come out…. I haven’t ; ; I want to play the Prologue when it comes out in English

    Yeah, F2P games are crazy popular, and can be extremely successful if done right. There’s a certain science(?) that needs to be put in in order for a F2P game to be a success. For an up and coming business, I think it’s a risk, too. At least for P2P, you can at least make up some of the funds needed to make the game. F2P usually needs updating to keep up interest and there’s no guarantee that everyone is going to pay for it. I’m not so sure about Quinn Rose, though. A lot of their most recent games weren’t very good, and they mostly just kept porting, re-releasing, and adding more Alice games. The art was okay, but it seems like the quality of the games just went downhill. Heck, QR even used multiple ghost writers under the same pseudoname so I think there was more to QR’s downfall than oversaturation. Yeah, I was surprised to hear about Mystic Messenger players not know what otome games were. I don’t recall Dandelion or Nameless having this much attention when they came out, so maybe the fact that it’s a mobile game added to its popularity? Especially since more people have smartphones than computers, it’s a lot easier to access a mobile game.

    It’s not even just games, you can literally go to the bookstore or online and buy a cheap R18 romance novel. Even if you want quality writing, there’s still books with explicit sex in it while still having great writing. Granted, they’re probably not too common, but they’re there, and it shouldn’t be a problem if all you’re looking for is smut. Honestly, I’ve picked up enough books aimed towards adult women to know that I have to look closely at the summaries to make sure that I’m not getting a book with smut ;;OTL I’m not surprised to hear that people love the Event Epilogues, but it disappoints me of the reason….

    Oh wow, that’s ridiculous. That person is very close minded to have gone as far as to block you for sending a message about it.

    Ah, no, I don’t think I’ve seen him yet then. I don’t know much about Kenshin’s route, so even less about characters who only show up in his route ;;

    Fingers crossed! I would think they’d add interviews since the cast loves to post photos on Twitter LOL. Oh really? I haven’t been on MFW: P in forever, so that’s probably why I didn’t know. I checked the rank for SLB: P, but no, I don’t know Grace. Oh jeez, maybe something caught her interest again? I don’t really talk to anyone in the games. I don’t look at the chat much, so I wouldn’t want to give someone the wrong idea byt starting to talk and then… disappearing ;;OTL I only used another account so that I could read all stories in events. When BMP for GREE was ending, it helped me to read the stories I hadn’t finished.

    Yeah, I figured his base is worse than Keith, so I can see how the translator would just put the rude into overdrive. I’m rather nervous. If his English story is so bad, I’m only going to play for the prizes, too…. The writing is so good! I definitely think the stories are the best in PARTY games so far. At least, compared to BMP social ones (≖_≖)” Mitsunari’s so cute. I love how he’s always so serious and stoic, and then he just trips over himself. Bless his soul. I love how the events go further into how Yukimura and Masamune are still new to relationships. I know there was one where Masamune said he and the heroine sleep together every night, and Shigezane and Kojuro took it the wrong way. It took so long for Masamune to realize why they were acting the way they were, and it was so cute. It’s nice to see them growing in the events ; ;

    • lemonadetea

      I agree with that, I probably won’t like what other people like and vice versa but somehow things like this often causing lot of argument, since well…some people can’t accept that different people have different taste..It’s like what happened to the fandom with the smut vs non smut which causing lot of argumentation. I see =/, I’m not really sure if I really like the story that much if the one night stand is the backstory but I guess I can give a try somehow..

      There’s lot of reasons why F2P games has back to back events ^^; they need to make people still interested on their game since that’s where they get their money lol and even that people are still refuse to pay like you said, since I’ve seen ton of users on slbp and mfwp that doesn’t want to pay ^^;…The Quin Rose thing is a mess, I’m not surprised since their recent games before the bankruptcy it’s not really that great…It’s too bad since I love their earlier Alice game when they still use the old illustrator since I’m not a big fan of the redrawn Alice D: Mystic Messenger game system is pretty unique since it’s a real time based game and you apparently can get a call and text message from the guy too…yeah the game popularity is so huge o___o, even my non otome fans friends are playing this game lol, I’m still curious whether the popularity will waning after a few month or they will be still popular ^^;

      It’s more easier to find steamy, adult media lately compared to all ages media :x, I also very disappointed seeing the fandom only raving the claim me at last epilogue due to the steamy scene except for Masamune epilogue which indeed, is not as explicit like the other, I’ve seen people also bashing his epilogue -__- which pretty sad since his epilogue is my favorite, sure It didn’t have the long ass steamy scene but he’s so sweet and I can tell he’s really doesn’t want to hurt the heroine…but then again, the fandom only interested on seeing the guy having sex with the heroine without the development.

      Lol, I found it’s hilarious too sorry but she keep saying she’s an adult but her attitude reminds me of 16 years old. Oh, and she making an announcement on slbp saying she will quit slbp since voltage apparently *~disappoint*~ her with Masamune epilogue. Seriously, voltage didn’t owe you anything and please just stick to those cybird, arithmetic, and OKKO games since those are indeed an adult game. Sorry for ranting almost bashing, she just pissed me off with her “I’m an adult I need smut!!!”

      Yeah, she have been ranked the 1st place again on mfwp ^^ but sadly some girls are bashing her for her rank D: but then again, I notice some people are way too obsessed toward ranking and it’s creep me out o___o, there’s no difference between rank no 1 and rank no 20 for example since in the end you still get the prize for rank on 20….Yes, she has been rank a lot lol, I also barely talk with anyone too on slbp beside 2-3 mutual and some of the users have made their own clique circle too…so there’s lot of chance they will ignore you especially if you’re a newbie or have low item point…I sometimes felt bad to those who just recently playing, some people won’t help you since they think you are a “parasite” for asking help D: I always tried to help some newbie since most of them are very nicer compared to some of older users…but It just my experience tho.

      Back when Ieyasu just recently released, most people are just going for his route just to get the limited time prize lol. I’m still neutral about him, he’s getting better at the middle but he’s scares me a lot in the beginning and I just =|. Haha, I love when he’s tried to saying “cute” to the heroine and fail (´∀`), I can’t wait for his story event ! True that, the story events are more better when it comes to the relationship, I didn’t hate the main story but the epilogue are little bit too rushed. I love how Yukimura think that lust is a dirty mind and he end up training at midnight just to dispel his “dirty mind” lol and Masamune is so precious ;___; he’s really care a lot when it comes to the heroine and his family, and I remember that scene too ! I love how three of them are always looking out for each other ;__;

      • I really want to say that it might be because a lot of the people in the fandom are young and have yet to grow into having a more open mind, but I know there are people in the fandom my age and older that are acting that way. It’s honestly hard for me to believe that…. Yeah, I just read the PV description and it does sound like a one-night stand story. Now that I thought about it, I went back and checked a past survey that Voltage released, and there is a question of what contemporary romance we’d like to read. The first option is “A Complicated Night: Your relationship started with a one night stand and now you’re looking for something more.” I’m pretty sure this game is a result of those surveys? I don’t know how it’s going to play out, but at least it wasn’t the Love Shuffle one where the heroine and her boyfriend switch partners with other couples >__________> I wouldn’t touch that one with a ten-foot pole.

        Exactly. They still have to pay for server space and all that, so they still need a source of income to support the game. And what better way than to keep releasing things that will initiate and keep players into spending real money? It has to be enough that for all the free players, the spending players spend enough to keep it afloat. Heck, F2P games can even put in ads to make things cheaper or get more money, but there are some that don’t do it and still get complained about. Oh gosh, I can’t even remember how many times the first Alice game was redrawn. I think it was three times? Four??? Ergh…. I liked the one before Fujimaru’s? I remember discussing it with other fans, and I’m pretty sure Fujimaru’s art made Alice look less emotional in a lot of CG’s…. Yeah, MM sonuds really cool with all that going on. Unforunately, I can’t play it because I don’t have the time to check the game at any time ; ; I hear there’s a way to save so you don’t miss chats, but I don’t think I’ll even have the time or patience to do that either…. I hope the popularity continues. The fact that it’s so popular is a really good thing for both Cheritz and otome games in the West in general. It’ll get more people to look into what otome games are and get otome games more in demand. I’d really like to see more JP console (quality) otome games released in English! Emphasis on console quality. (I’m looking at you, Solmare.)

        I used to read books a lot in middle school and high school, and it was difficult to find books that didn’t have smut or sex in it. As someone who was still underaged at the time and also wanted to read in public, it was more reason why I couldn’t be bothered to get those types of books. It. Is. Not. That. Hard. To. Find. You can literally go to ANY romance novel section aimed towards adult women, pick out a random book, and I can guarantee that it will have smut and descriptive sex scenes in it (ಠ___ಠ ) I adored Masamune’s Epilogue! It was very in-character and it was so precious, I wanted to cry at how happy Masamune and the heroine were ; ;
        Yeah, I figured that out pretty early on. My first realization of it was back when Yamato’s Epilogue or Sequel was released, and all I saw were comments about how hot it was and how many times he and the heroine had sex (≖Д≖; )

        Wtf??? Ok, sure, let’s hate on a game with a story that focuses more on character development and relationships than the actual smut. You know, the complete opposite of what Harlequin novels do. What even is that???? I would do anything to get these stories in book form. I’m still looking for books similar to these as an adult, which is extremely difficult to do when you want to read one where the characters are adults and aren’t teenagers in school u g h. Again, Voltage didn’t start with explicit/smut in their stories, so why are people expecting it??? No worries, I’m just baffled that someone would think that way. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

        Oooo nice! I never understood ranking outside of getting the prizes. Like I understand if you want the rank prizes, but I didn’t understand why someone had to be Rank 1 with 100k points above Rank 2. You’re still getting the prize, so it really shouldn’t matter which rank you get. Oh wow, somehow I wasn’t expecting there to be cliques in PARTY games. I know that for SC: P, even though I was low level, there were always high level players kind enough to add me as a mate for events. It happened in every single event I played. In other PARTY games and even in BMP for GREE, that NEVER happened…. I think new players are more open for friends and help since they don’t have experience in the game, so it’s easier to get along with them. Longtime users might just be too used to lower levels trying to leech off of them, so maybe they just get jaded by it? I used to play an MMO, and while I did always try to help new and low level players, I began to stop paying attention whenever someone obviously just wanted to leech….

        Ah, I see. I figured from the other routes that Ieyasu was someone that is scary. Especially after reading Yukimura’s route. At first I thought he’d be cute, but then he did a complete 180 and just turned scary. Funny enough, that made me more interested in his route because I wanted to know how his route would be played out. The heroine isn’t ever shown to be someone who bodes well with awful people, so something has to have happened in Ieyasu’s Main Story for them to end up together, and my interest is piqued as to what it is…. Yeah, the Main Story’s Epilogue felt very rushed, so it was really nice to see it timed out the way it is in the Events. YUKIMURA IS SO ADORABLE. I loved seeing how he dealt with the new feelings and how it conflicted with how he believed he should feel. It showed how he went from completely rejecting it to realizing that it’s not a bad thing and that it’s completely normal. I almost cried when Shingen was giving him advice after Yukimura told him his fears 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 I love Masamune so much and I love how he has Kojuro and Shigezane, and even Kojiro, with him and always supporting him despite everything ; ; THESE TWO ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OKAY

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